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Hi there Please to meet you and welcome to my Profile many called me by the name Panda <3 I pretty much do many types of roleplay from Para to Multi-para. I rarely do Novella but can do up to i guess you can say 3 to 5 para maybe. I do canon and non-canon Roleplays and I don't mind Oc chatting either. Im not picky with roleplay but please do not add me for just erotic i will no do that unless is part of a story with the characters. I'm friendly so feel free to add ^^

Rave Reviews

Panda has, and still remains, one of the most energetic and positive people I have roleplayed with. She has tons of canon characters and plays them all well. While she can get busy due to her job, I always look forward to her return! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Kamizombie

Panda is a precious person whom I've been rping with for years. She possesses a vast variety of characters and is always one of the most energetic of my friends! She's patient and can accept a great deal of roleplayers! Don't pass her up! - Kamizombie

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