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Hello! My name is Lyse or LG. I prefer fantasy or sci-fi RP settings, and I've really gotten into 5e D&D over the past couple of years. In the grand traditions of our people, I'm working on a novel, and do a fair amount of short stories and character writing as well.

I have many more characters than I have character profiles here for, both to save on slots and because I like to customize my characters to the circumstances of each RP they're in. Don't assume that the lack of a profile means I don't have a character for you! I'd just rather discuss the RP concept first.

Due to Adult Life, I am something of a slow RPer. You're probably looking at one to two solid paragraphs, two to four days a week. I value quality over quantity, when it comes to writing; my priority is giving my partner something to respond to in every tag, and I hope for the same in return. I also prefer regular OOC communication about the RP, and will try to be open and clear about anything that comes up.

I am most interested in 1x1 threads, rather than group RPs, and am not concerned about whether they're romantic or platonic--I'm just here for interesting situations and character reactions. I will not RP with players under 18, regardless of whether there's romance involved or not.

Rave Reviews

Lyse is such an enjoyable experience to write and plot with! They have such believable characters and lore, I absolutely adore the depth they put in their characterisation and background. Word walls are never a bore here! I love every sentence and love rereading and writing with them. Lyse is super friendly and well mannered, a lovely mod with lovely characters and a mind blowing amount of fun to interact with! - Kyce
Lyse is always brewing up the perfect character or plot to stuff into a roleplay or story! All of her characters are well-written and so believable! - Heimdall

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