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  • Gender: Female

I am known as the United States Superstar and i have the mirror image appearance of the South Korean Superstar Eunha of the girl group GFRIEND. I also am expecting as i am in the future gonna be a Teenage mother. I'm Engaged to a loving guy who's known as the Singing Prodigy. Ridge Mercer. I'm the biological daughter to Bobby and Bobbie Lightfoot and the Adopted daughter of a professional Cleaner known as Frank Holden. My best friend/Room mate is Joanna Matilda Barlow.

I have a Radio show and i have 2 CD's out. 1st CD: "The beginning Journeys of Macie Melody Lightfoot

2nd CD: All Hail Macie Melody Lightfoot- The Loving Might of Macie

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