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The Lady In Red
{She/Her} {Pan} {Canada} {33}
Nurse ⋮ Hobby Artist ⋮ Romance Writer

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Welcome, you may call me Madam-- or Maddy if you prefer to be less formal. I consider myself a literate and multi paragraph roleplayer who has been writing in online communities since 1998. My favorite genres to place into my stories are romance, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and drama. I'm a huge vampire and dragon enthusiast, however, I do have a selection of characters available outside of that niche too.

I typically enjoy writing over Discord, or in the Furcadia community The Golden Tether. If you would like to write over RPR, that can be arranged too.

Please Remember: I'm a busy woman and if you wish to write with me you must understand that. I wish I could reply to my scenes quickly, but between my job and family that isn't always possible. Please understand that even if a few days (or even a week) passes by, I haven't forgotten about you. I will be back, but you can nudge me if you require reassurance. If I didn't want to write, or I was tired of the story? I would communicate that with you.


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Madam, you saucy creature, you! This woman is friendly to no end, immensely talented in her artwork, and so enthusiastic about her roleplay as well. I've worked with her mostly in passing, but I'm pleased as punch to see her diving headfirst into my community and taking charge on some fun roleplay ideas. She is a lovely person, and you will not be the least bit sorry for taking the time to chat her up! <3 - Auberon
Merry Christmas to one of my dearest, long held friend and companion. We've gone through a lot together and every day, I feel genuinely blessed that Madam remains in my life. She is typically my go-to for story and character ideas, we can spend hours talking about roleplays or scenes given the opportunity. The light in my heart blazes brighter every day because of you, Maddy. Thank you for being with me for so long. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Unicorn

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