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The Lady In Red
{She/Her} {Pan} {Canada} {33}
Nurse ⋮ Hobby Artist ⋮ Romance Writer

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Welcome, you may call me Madam-- or Maddy if you prefer to be less formal. I consider myself a literate and multi paragraph roleplayer who has been writing in online communities since 1998. My favorite genres to place into my stories are romance, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, and drama. I'm a huge vampire and dragon enthusiast, however, I do have a selection of characters available outside of that niche too.

I typically enjoy writing over Discord, or in the Furcadia community The Golden Tether. If you would like to write over RPR, that can be arranged too.

Please Remember: I'm a busy woman and if you wish to write with me you must understand that. I wish I could reply to my scenes quickly, but between my job and family that isn't always possible. Please understand that even if a few days (or even a week) passes by, I haven't forgotten about you. I will be back, but you can nudge me if you require reassurance. If I didn't want to write, or I was tired of the story? I would communicate that with you.


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Rave Reviews

It has been long overdue since we share a friend of oldtime past, that I give these Kudos to you.

Amazing writer that I wish to compare to, as much as Unicorn is looked up to for her incredible way with words and intricate detail and thought, so too is Madam in my mind since I've had the pleasure of roleplaying and plotting with her.

I hope it doesn't end, as much as my friendship with Unicorn has never ended. And I look heavily forward to our stories that we all three will write together Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Michonne
Chuck, as I affectionately like to refer to her as from back when we rocked R&S together, is the epitome of a hopeless romantic -- in a good way! Her plots, ideas, concepts, and characters have such powerful and well thought out depth and development. The arduous effort she puts into the history and lore of her stories is enough to leave minds reeling. She has a wide, eclectic range of both original designs as well as canonical characters to suit any RP delights! A true gem and veteran writer. - Atheist

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