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If you are under the age of 18. Don't bother talking to me. I don't roleplay with minors at all.

Please do not bring your drama or dislike for something that has happened ICly to me OOCly, I'm tired of the drama and dealing with it OOCly. If you're upset by something that my character did. Have your character deal with it ICly, have them react and it will be handled ICly. I am done dealing with anything OOCly. No more.

I'm Maddi or also known as Bread!
My favorite animal is a rat and my favorite mythological creature is a mermaid.
I am an MMORPG gamer! I love them and play quite a few.
My most frequent one is Overwatch.
I play other games and have a steam account under the name; Muddkiwi and a BattleNet under Feesh#11740. Feel free to add me on either.

I'm a goofball.
I like making jokes and if I make slightly crude or even sexual ones at you, it means I like you and feel like you're cool enough to deal with my sense of humor.
I'm fairly easy to get along with, don't be a dick and we're chill, don't be a dick to my friends and we're chill. Basically don't be a dick.

I'm a sadistic, masochistic person. I torture my character's a lot. Keep this in mind, I'm up for gore and violence in plots - long as there is no death!

If you're curious about a plot that you have, which can be seen as.. "unconventional" in most eyes, but you want someone to fill it, bring it up to me through PM or by whispering Bread on Furcadia! I'll listen to it and see if I have a character that could fit it.

I love roleplaying my characters, my main is Marra, but I try to roleplay all of my character's equally. Sometimes I have the muse for one, but not the other. Understand this and we'll get along fine!

Also, take into consideration, I am a college student as well as severely ill. My roleplay depends on if I have the energy or time to roleplay. If I can't, it's for a good reason! I also work for Publix a grocery store so my availability changes depending on my hours.

Also, know as my friends but losers is a better title...

Maddi's Characters

Maddi either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

I'm giving more Kudos to her because I can't express enough, how much I love this girl. An awesome RPer, an amazing friend, and someone you can expect to go down swingin' for you. If you don't RP with her or aren't her friend... You should definitely change that! WARNING: SHE'S KIND OF A HANDFUL but she's WORTH IT. <3 - Boe
This bitch right here... She and I always have our ups and downs. But in the end, she's still there for you. Even if we're at a point where we want to kill each other, she's still got my back! Definitely a ride or die type of gal. We've gotten close over the past 2 years and while we have our arguments and whatnot, we usually talk them out and go right back to being good friends.

I love you, bitch. <3 - Boe

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