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Hi! :D

I go by Prite! Elsewhere, I'm omgeodude, Nepenthe, mainlyterrestrial (mt)... and Goose. Honestly, you can call me whatever you like. She/her pronouns are peachy.

I'm something of a shy sort. Roleplaying is fun, but I never feel like like my characters are developed enough. So, like a goblin, I continue to sweep through these dim-lit profile pages, tweaking and building and adding things that sparkle. Feel free to peruse all of my nonsense at your leisure - and let me know if you have any questions or need any other info!

All art used in my character profiles has been drawn by me unless otherwise noted in its description. Interested in an art trade or similar endeavor? Hit me up!

About my characters:
What's with this mess?
The way I'm setting the pages up now, characters are getting lumped together into categories or by story of origin (so don't forget to check for extra pages!). Let me know if there's anything I can do to make things read a little better.

Included is a mix of both original characters and fan characters, as well as one (1) Vash the Stampede. The fan characters are a pretty good indication of the settings I know enough about to play in, though there are more I'm familiar with/would be willing to try. Ask if curious!

About me as an RP partner:
A few items!
I'm wordy. If you want a one- or two-line roleplay, I don't know if I'm your ideal partner; the floodgates burst open and words come tumbling out. While I'm willing to try to meet potential RP partners on length, here, I think I could most comfortably hover around 2-3 paragraphs... but longer posts certainly aren't a deterrent!

I'm slow. Something happens between my brain and the keyboard. While I'm pretty sure I know what I want to type, I'm afraid even "quick" posts can take me 30 minutes or more. Now that I know about it, it's something that I plan to work hard on improving - but currently it's paired with:

My availability is limited! I'm in the Eastern time zone (Michigan); between work and my roommate (who likes to stay busy but not by herself), my most reliable hours of availability are between 9/10 and midnight (plus change, when insomnia helps). I can check in during work breaks, but... yeah. I know. It's... not a lot. :/

Taking all of this into consideration, I might be best suited to a partner or partners who are accustomed to a slow-posting, paragraph-formatted RP style over a period of time. I hope someday in the future, circumstances improve and I have more to offer!

About my comfort zone:
How do?
Regarding the content of RP, I'm a pretty tame person! I can handle action, reasonable violence, and light romance, but subjects more intense than that can get overwhelming if there's no warning. Let's try our best to stay on top of communicating about this stuff so none of us have to feel ooky!

I won't roleplay out-and-out smut, fetish-based material, inexplicably grotesque violence, or things of that nature. If an RP starts and it becomes clear that that's where it might be heading, I'm out. Please forgive my delicate constitution; I want to tell stories, not get stressed out!

Additionally, I'm not sure I feel comfortable engaging in RP with non-adults. No offense; it just makes me feel creepy.

All that out of the way, I think I'm still pretty flexible. Just reach out if you're interested, and as long as we can hash out the details openly I'm sure we can tell very cool stories together!

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