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Hello! I'm Maka, also known as Hidoghee or just Ghee. 8D

I'm more or less absent from here now... turns out I'm a bit more shy about roleplaying with strange, new peoples than previously anticipated. :C I've been spoiled to have my own little circle of two whole friends that has weathered the last decade or so with me, so it's been a while since I've had some good, steady roleplay with new faces to break me in again. ):

I hate knowing that my writing style has been getting stiff and choppy though, so I leave my profile here with hopes that maybe someone will humor me long enough to reach out to one of my other accounts and help me grind off this rust so I can work on improving again. :'D

The places I am now located at are Toyhouse, Tumblr and DeviantART! Feel free to hit me up, especially if you want an invite to Toyhouse - just lemme know that you want a code!

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A real sweetheart, plays well with others and has excellent collaborative potential if you can drag her out of her shell!

Well worth making the effort of getting to know! - Vodzie

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