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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Birthday: January 11

If we've never interacted before, please don't send me a random friend request unless you also message me about why you've sent it. Random friend requests without PMs will be discarded out of hand; random requests with PMs will be considered but not automatically accepted.

Current status: Easing back into activity, one thread at a time!

Hi, I'm Malachite, though calling me Mal is fine. I'm a longtime RPer, with experience in the free text, tabletop, MMORPG, and forum formats. I am a college student with a really old computer, so my activity is dependent on my ever-changing schedule and the cooperation of my machine, but I try to be as active as I can. Most of my RP experience is in the Homestuck, Star Wars, and Elder Scrolls fandoms and in a couple of original universes, but I'm willing to try just about anything I have reasonable knowledge of.

I am available sporadically throughout the day, most days of the week, barring Monday mornings and Sunday evenings, as I have other obligations. Mostly tabletop gaming. My current classes keep my occupied on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and late afternoons, and come September I'll have another class midday Wednesdays. However, I'm still available between and after classes on those days.

I am an adult, and as such will not RP certain things with minors. I will never RP a relationship with a minor (player or character), and will severely tone down violence and swearing around minor players. I am not currently accepting any friend requests from minors for personal comfort reasons, but feel free to PM me if you want to talk or RP and I'll do things on a case-by-case basis.

My current fandoms include The Elder Scrolls, Homestuck, Star Wars, Pokémon, Madoka Magica, and Dragon Age. Most of my experience is as a fandom RPer, but I'm also quite open to original RP as long as I can come up with a character for it! I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi (and even science fantasy) of all kinds, but not romance, smut, realistic or historical fiction, and definitely not modern slice-of-life. I crave plot.

My post length is generally adjustable, but I'm still getting used to writing multiple paragraphs. Multi-para, especially more than three or four paragraphs, just feels like needless fluff and stretching to me unless I'm really inspired, or else like I'm overstepping the bounds of what my characters could feasibly do in the amount of time covered, but if that's your thing more power to you.

Ghaurug gro-Khazgur is an Elder Scrolls fan character, whom I play as in Elder Scrolls Online and in the ESO-RP community (and Oblivion and Skyrim, but those are single-player games). Though he works best in the Elder Scrolls setting, of course, I can modify him to work in more generic high fantasy settings, so long as vampires exist and orcs aren't Always Chaotic Evil™ or at least treated like people rather than unintelligent monsters.

Cchaaneh is a slight work-in-progress at the moment with regards to their personal history, but they're a member of the varsit species, which I created for the sci-fi novel I'm working on. They fit best in high-tech sci-fi settings with interstellar travel, lots of aliens, and room in the setting's history for the varsit civilization. I'm willing to mold the varsit species' history somewhat to better fit the lore of an RP, but the canon will not change.

Mia is a modern/urban fantasy character from a magical girl story I'm writing on the side. She is best suited for magical girl and superhero settings. Mia is a minor. She has a couple of supporting characters (an adoptive mother and, in some versions of her, a girl she looks up to/teams up with) in her backstory who are involved in her daily life, but I decide how to deal with them in RPs on a case-by-case basis.

Kai Merrill is under heavy reconstruction! She is a vampire, written with modern/urban fantasy in mind but also suitable for science-fantasy (so long as it has vampires). She's not from anything in particular, I just like vampires.

Relic is a WIP machine intelligence (needs a lot in the way of personality as well as some technological details), whose name is subject to change because I'm not totally satisfied with it. They, too, are from nothing in particular. They are best suited for high-tech science fiction with robots, aliens, and interstellar travel.

Saä-sahĭ, öž Kīr' Ynrú is an Ãoni for Tam'nýer—a', and is not open to RP outside that group/setting. She is a surprisingly honest traveling merchant with a cheerful and highly excitable disposition.

L. Quíhaë is a Giyu for Tam'nýer—a', and is not open to RP outside that group/setting. She's a fierce pirate captain, though she struggles with severe depression.

खझ मधरवू (Khajha Madharavū) is a Ṅkhya'jra for Tam'nýer—a', and is not open to RP outside that group/setting. She's a blood mage and enchanter, and runs a shop where she offers her magical services in exchange for, shall we say, personal effects.

Icon is not my art. It was drawn by my beloved fiancée.

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  • Right off the bat, I feel inclined to inform everyone that Mal is a gosh darn peach. Many times Mal has led by example, not afraid to ask questions, for advice and hand out some very endearing and stunning words of advice in return. This wonderful creature is someone...
    -- Demilicious

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