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Alright, Yay! You're here to know more about the writer then lets get started.

I am a rather friendly person, though I can be quite nasty if you get on my bad side.

I have been rping for 13+ years give or take. I am only on this site really because of my Husband Kamizombie as some may know him by. Any way... I LOVE to draw....a lot. Most of the Artwork you will see for myself or my characters will Probably be drawn by me ;) unless I say other wise. I love a good role play, and I am a sucker for Romance. Though to be clear I don't care for the Erotic part of romance. So if your looking to have some Erotic rp you might want to look elsewhere. Also I would like to note that I suffer from a good cocktail of mental bothersome one is depression, this tends to effect my motivation for replies even art commissions...yes I do commissions more details will be in rules.

Also...I would like to mention I have an OC Iron Kingdoms Comic I am making. For those of you who don't know what Iron Kingdoms is...well it's like Dungeons and Dragons....and if you don't know what that is...well It's a story line you all do with a group of friends. However all of your outcomes are based off of dice rolls. So If you want to give the orc a high five and you get the lowest of Dice roles....your likely to caress the orcs back instead....causing some awkwardness... SO getting to my point.

A group of friends and I are playing such a game, I am recording all of our sessions, so I can draw it out in a comic form, that way everyone can enjoy the story we are creating. The Comic is called "The Adventures of Yargmates!" You can find us literally everywhere, Tumblr, Deviantart, Facebook Group page....even my own personal We are always looking for supporters! To get us out there! tell your friend, your family, your dog...The active supporters don't go unnoticed either. Special events can take place, and you can score some Fanart or whatever else we can come up with to essentially thank our supporters.

Check out our comic now, and Read it on DeviantArt or click the link above to check out our personal website~ ( Yargmates! Chapter 1) In the comments You will find the link to the next page.

. Ok so...getting on to rules I guess.

1. DO NOT beg me for art. I can't stand beggars. There are rules that come with me making you some art. I do Commissions and NO they are not FREE, however my prices are great considering the quality of my work. Though I do ask that you have patients. My depression can take my motivation away. (if your interested in a commission just let me know.) I have a Discord group to collect all the commissioners.
If you want to see more of my artwork, just slide on over to my DeviantArt page, it's the best spot to go.

2. NO spamming. This leads to quick deletion. You are not the only person waiting on replies....I may not get to your reply daily. Depending on what I got going on. And the depression.

3. NO one-liners. While I am ok with a paragraph, I do like Multi-para a little more. I don't expect you to mirror my amount. I also like to discuss your own limits, just so I don't overwhelm you with a sea of words....I can be novella at times.

4. I am not a grammar Nazi. So long as I can understand what you wrote, we are good. Typos are alright. So long as you don't l33t speak or abbreviate every word. (honestly I don't find people doing this...but you never know...)

5. I do not do account bound relationships, all relationships are within rp only. I have a Husband in real life, so don't go thinking about having a relationship with me personally.

6. No drama. I don't care who the hell said what or who did this. I do not and will not take a part in your drama. If we are both friends with Susie and Susie pisses you off. Don't tell me I shouldn't be her friend because YOU have problems with Susie. That is between you two. Your issues will not effect my own friendship with whoever. I will Respectfully not speak ILL off either person for whatever drama is going on.

7. No God modding. Learn to take a hit, even if you DO have a literal god character, for Example I Rp as Hades but despite being a God I can fight fairly, an rp can die REAL FAST when you god mod every move I make.

8. Talk or Get lost. If your only looking to add me to be a will be deleted. I don't even expect or ask you to get an rp going with me. Even simply talking would be nice. However if you don't talk to me.....You will be deleted. It's not that hard to send a simple message saying "Hi, How's it going?"

9. No Character Controlling. If I see you making decisions for my character you will be deleted.

10. NO EROTIC RP'S I am sorry I do not like the erotic part of rp's, It's just not my thing. However just because I don't like Erotic doesn't mean I don't like Romance. I am a sucker for romance RP's I just don't like the erotic details it can lead to. No In the bedroom, Clothes come off and baby making details.

Well I think that pretty much covers it...I'll add to the rules If I need to..but that's pretty basic. so. Yeah. I look forward to Rping with you.

Rave Reviews

Give her a chance for rp, you won't be disappointed! She has good ideas for rp, that I wouldn't even think of. A Mario OC with a Sci-Fi/Steampunk OC? Well, when Worlds Collide! She's a fantastic woman and a fantastic rper. So come see what you are missing out! - Winters_Fury
Le wife, who is an exceptionally talented writer and artist. She doesn't rp much anymore, but she's incredible when she's here! Not only that, but her art skills are second to none (totally not husband bias). Don't let your opportunities to roleplay or get artwork from her slip! - Kamizombie

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