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Hey there, My name is Mango. Nothing special to put here, but you can shoot me a request if you want. I'm more often on here if I have a lot of Roleplays, so if you want me to RP, just shoot me a request, and if we rp for a while, I'll be on RPR for longer!

I like action a lot, with romance every now and then. I'm not really a fandom rper as I enjoy things like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, DOOM, and Warframe but I can try something as long as it isn't a boring fandom lol.



Rave Reviews

An amazing roleplayer and I mean he's truly better than me and I'm really experienced and Our rp is the best I've ever done on my other websites.He always has the best plots and best rp settings in order and simply does an amazing job acting as the character. - Blue_Crimson
So far he's an amazing roleplayer! I love his personality and RP style. It's a treat to RP with him. - TheCreatureOfTheDark

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