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I generally take Sunday's off, so there is usually no replies via PM's, Threads or discord.

Info about Me

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You can call me Manna.

[*] I am over 18; natch lol

[*] Shooting the fuff in pm's or Discord. Honestly, I love making friendships with my partners. I have been known to keep rp partners for years! And come back to rp with them whenever.

[*] I work full time, have a young family plus married

[*] Expletives. There is not a shy curse word from my mouth or fingers. I really am not easily offended and dark humour, OOH boy! I try to be a little sensitive but admittedly I can be prone to just saying whatever the fluff I want. Gordon Ramsay may be my spirit animal XD.

[*] You ever wanna know something, just ask me. I am incredibly active online. I do lurk and if you wanna yak on discord, just ask and I'm 99% always online; just hidden. Please note though, I'm not always talkative. But I am reading things.

[*] My Posts: I am generally a novella writer (ranging from min 500 words to over 3000 words). So please be aware of that, I like to describe things. The scenery, the thoughts, anything. Give me a story and I will love you forever.

Things I look for in Partners

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[*] Sense of Humor: Don't take everything I say as serious. Honestly, I don't take myself seriously lol! It's about having fun after all

[*] Posts themselves: It has only become a pet-peeve of mine to see a post with numerous people talking in one paragraph. It does irritate me just enough that I could decide not to rp with some one due to it.

[*] Plots and Creativity: It takes two. Don't tell me how the plot needs to be and I won't tell you how the plot needs to be. Lets work together. If not, well then I am less inclined to work with you.

[*] Characters over 18: Yeah, just not into jailbaits.

[*] Smut vs Story: I am 85% Story / 15% Smut (Only with 18+ Partners!)

[*] Characters Personalities : I range with my characters and I will stick to their created personalities. If it is a difficult situation they have been put into, or they are just a total asshole, please understand how they act IS not a reflection of me. Or you. But I will not change them to be out of character if it is not reasonable. Be aware of what you get.

[*] Freedom of Character: I will not at all control your character or tell you how to make them! You stick to your guns baby!

[*] Understanding: In this we are all adults! I am very earnest about the statement of I WILL NOT HARASS YOU FOR A POST therefore, I expect the same. I am an adult. I work full time. I am married. This is my one rule that I expect to be shared between us as partners.

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