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Hi there! It's nice to meet you, even if I have no idea you're reading this.


I’m a human who enjoys role playing. Obviously.

Important: If a character I’m using for an RP goes missing or changes dramatically, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting. Just act like nothing happened, I won’t implement new changes made or scrap the role play. I'm closed for new roleplays at the moment unless I've specifically posted an idea in the Looking for RP forum.

Response status: Not on hiatus but I'm working on learning more advanced BBcode and making stuff look awesome!! Or as awesome as I can get it. I also am taking time to find better references and write backstories and such, because I do want to finish things sometime before 2050 lmao. So responses are gonna be a little slow.w
If I can’t be on for more than a couple days (depending on usual frequency), I’ll tell you. If you can’t reply for a few days or a longer amount of time than usual, just tell me and it’ll be fine, I’ll do the same for you. I’m very patient as long as I know that you aren’t gone for good XD

Don’t ghost me! It makes me anxious not knowing if you wanted to quit or not, and I might ask why or I might be too shy to do so. It depends.
If it's something I said or did, please tell me even if you'd not like to continue. I don't want to keep making the same mistakes and offending people, as I do mess up at times.

I generally get a reply across once every other day or every day starting off, and that will change based on length and life. If I don't respond for more than two days after what's usual, give me a poke and I'll tell you what's going on if I can't get one across right then and there. I'll try to tell you if I'll be gone for a little while though.

While some of the characters I have do have specific backstories, I will always edit any character to make it easier for someone.

Here’s the always and never stuff! Although this probably doesn’t have everything, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is important, so don't blow it by. And of course, there are always some exceptions to the rules, but don’t assume that they mean nothing by that.

Things I do
MxM or FxF
Happy endings
Some minor combat (like a determined outcome we can do without a confusing dice system, it’s just harder to communicate over text)
Angsty stuff (Example: Self-harm, etc. But not, like, super excessively.)
Science fiction
Minor character death (Example: Background character or one you made specifically to be killed)

I will sometimes do:
Bittersweet endings
Dice based combat (it just takes me a while to catch on and it’s annoying for everyone sometimes)
Comedy (This is just a little finicky to get right so that's why it is here.)

I will NEVER do:
Major character death (Example: Death of the character you or I am using)
Super heavy combat. (I’m here for the story mostly.)
Mass world destruction.
Fandom role play (you can play a character from a fandom, but I will not. Period.)
Sad endings (I will cry and I will be sad)
Normal family stuff (I live in a family... No need to escape to this.)

Character information- availability and other stuff!!!

Characters up for roleplay: TBD

Characters that are taken for the time being: TBD

Characters unavailable due to being a WIP: ...A lot.

"Submissive" characters: TBD

"Either or" characters: TBD

About this human

Name: Maple-chan
Player: The big bad world.
Nicknames: Maple
Race: Human; Asian-American
Body Type: Cross between the "triangle" and "rectangle" (???)
Height: 5’1"
Complexion: Pale beige, permanently ruddy cheeks.
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Handedness: Left
Personality: Generally quiet out of people-fear, laughs at either everything or nothing on any given day, is nicer to people they likes.
Mannerisms: Jiggles legs, taps hands.
Likes: Beds, fluffy blankets, drawing things.
Dislikes: Text analysis, thoughtless comments, messing up.
Sexuality: Pan
Magic/abilities: Can do a headstand (Does it count?)
Weakness/possible hindrance: Often unmotivated and has low self-esteem. Often convinced nobody cares about them.
Languages spoken: English.

There’s probably more to be added to this profile later. PM me here if you’re interested or...

Contact me on Discord at @Lucky_Mini_Muffins#0258

Byeee! Have a great day, night, afternoon, or midday!

Rave Reviews

BEST ROLE PLAYER EVER!! this gal is so detailed when she role plays,i can visualize what all the characters are saying and doing.I especially love her character,Yori,he;s so childish and cute.anyway, i suggest you rp with this gal - JetStorm
WOOOO! more kudos,you go girl,Anyway,I just want to say what an awesome role player this gal is,she makes the romance genres very enjoyable,and i even cried a little at a certain scene in one of our role plays,i love role playing with her,she is so sweet and imaginative and funny.I suggest y'all rp with her,you won't be disappointed ^^ - JetStorm

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