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Marie | 26 | Married | Female
21+ Players Only. 18+ Characters.
Cause I'm burning up it ain't no joke
And all my cells are going rogue
Caught up in a blaze with no way out
And as my self-control goes up in smoke
One more hit I get so stoked that I
I'm glowing in the dark
You lit a fire in my heart
The sweetest Jelly Beans:
pDzzY8f.png VpwIrz6.png HZmNRuE.png7QJEHlk.png

✓ Yes ✓
World building

✘ No ✘
"Me or them"
Passive aggression
I'm a fairly reasonable person when it comes to roleplay! I give what I get out of our interactions. If you just want to roleplay and leave it at that, I can live with that. If you wanna become buds, I'm super down. I've been around the block once or twice and I'm too old and tired to deal with anything less than fun out of roleplay. Please be communicative and considerate and I'll do the same for you!

Hard Limit Disclaimer
I will not, at any time, participate in a roleplay/plot involving, leading up to, detailing or mentioning child death. If you cannot respect this then we cannot roleplay, sorry!

Rave Reviews

This woman right here is someone who was just dropped in my life and honestly, I haven't looked back. She's funny and sweet and creative and after a little coaxing I was lucky enough to be able to call her my friend. She's a blast to play with, and although I have only had the luxury of playing with just a handful of her characters, I know full well that if all of them are as great as the ones I've played with, all of her brain babies are well worth the time to wind yourself around! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BrandyCat
Domitus (played by Marie)
500 words isn't enough to express the love I feel for this character and their player. Domi is such a well developed character. He's a little spunky shithead but that's what everyone loves about him. He's playful and raunchy but can get so damn soft and sweet it's ridiculous. He and his creator are an absolute joy to write with, and you would be missing out if you passed up a chance to rp with Domitus. - CompanyPanda

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