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Marie | 26 | Married | Female
21+ Players Only. 18+ Characters.
Cause I'm burning up it ain't no joke
And all my cells are going rogue
Caught up in a blaze with no way out
And as my self-control goes up in smoke
One more hit I get so stoked that I
I'm glowing in the dark
You lit a fire in my heart
The sweetest Jelly Beans:
HZmNRuE.png VpwIrz6.png HZmNRuE.pngOu229G0.png

✓ Yes ✓
World building

✘ No ✘
"Me or them"
Passive aggression
I'm a fairly reasonable person when it comes to roleplay! I give what I get out of our interactions. If you just want to roleplay and leave it at that, I can live with that. If you wanna become buds, I'm super down. I've been around the block once or twice and I'm too old and tired to deal with anything less than fun out of roleplay. Please be communicative and considerate and I'll do the same for you!

Hard Limit Disclaimer
I will not, at any time, participate in a roleplay/plot involving, leading up to, detailing or mentioning child death. If you cannot respect this then we cannot roleplay, sorry!

Rave Reviews

Russel (played by Marie)
Oh Rus, he is the sort of character that can make anything fun without going over the top. He is new to the whole 'human' thing and while it brings about a child-like wonder to everything, Pockets balances it enough to where the character isn't childlike himself. He is a breath of fresh air and great fun to have in any plot! I hope I get to see this character grow the more I RP with him! - Caitlin
Romulus (played by Marie)
Romulus is a cool character: the end. JK: he's so much more. He is played with complexity and humour. The writing behind him is engaging and for such a chill and compassionate character he’s extremely interesting to read about. Rom makes an instant impact in any scene he’s in (without being a drama llama) and is very compelling. I’m looking forward to getting to know the character more! - Noxious

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