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Marie | 27
21+ Players Only. 18+ Characters.

Just wanna write.

Rave Reviews

While I haven't actually had the chance to RP with Marie, I've been chatting with her for awhile and I have to say - this one is super sweet and then some. All the love is deserved that's been left and in the future I hope to be able to comment on RP ability too. ❤️ Otherwise, good friend is good. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Caelianna
I am not even sure I can accurately put into words how amazing she is. I honestly was intimidated by her at first and I'm so glad I got over that because she has easily become one of my best online friends. Not only is her writing and character creation genius, she makes a genuine connection with the player behind the characters too. I have been sucked into her magnetism and I can't say I regret a single moment of it. I hope we continue to make amazing plots and grow our friendship <3 - Caitlin

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