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Marie | 26 | Married | Female
21+ Players Only. 18+ Characters.
Cause I'm burning up it ain't no joke
And all my cells are going rogue
Caught up in a blaze with no way out
And as my self-control goes up in smoke
One more hit I get so stoked that I
I'm glowing in the dark
You lit a fire in my heart
The sweetest Jelly Beans:
pDzzY8f.png VpwIrz6.png HZmNRuE.png7QJEHlk.png

✓ Yes ✓
World building

✘ No ✘
"Me or them"
Passive aggression
I'm a fairly reasonable person when it comes to roleplay! I give what I get out of our interactions. If you just want to roleplay and leave it at that, I can live with that. If you wanna become buds, I'm super down. I've been around the block once or twice and I'm too old and tired to deal with anything less than fun out of roleplay. Please be communicative and considerate and I'll do the same for you!

Hard Limit Disclaimer
I will not, at any time, participate in a roleplay/plot involving, leading up to, detailing or mentioning child death. If you cannot respect this then we cannot roleplay, sorry!

Rave Reviews

I like Ashley. She's good people. And because I should definitely expand upon that... she is somebody who slipped into our group and just belonged there the moment she arrived. I'm still getting to know her (because I'm a turtle and my shell is very nice and cosy) but she is such the easiest person to banter with, and I feel genuinely lucky to have gotten to know her as much as I have so far. She is also somebody who writes incredibly well and emotively - her RP is A+. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Owelle
Domitus (played by Marie)
Domitus is a wonderful character played by a lovely person. There's so much thought that goes into how and why Domi does what he does, and it absolutely shows in each clever post I've seen. You can't box him into any label or trope very easily because he's such a complex individual and I truly admire that about him. Howly is also absolutely adorable and lends to the unique RP experience you'll have when you play with this wonderful duo. Please give him some love, it's well worth it! - leotines

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