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Writing Style: Narrative (Book Style)
Post Length: Semi-Para to Multi-Para
Hi, my name is Marin! I'm an experienced and dedicated writer and an even more experienced and dedicated dork. Feel free to message me and talk, send me a friend request, or ask about RP~! I don't bite... usually.

Preferred RP Mediums
Private Messages: Yes. My preferred method.

Discord: Maybe. Quickly bouncing posts back and fourth eqauls a burnt out Marin, in my experience.

Public Groups: Maybe. I'd have to see how the group vibes with me, of course.

Video Games: Maybe. I could be sold on in-game partners, but I'm not a fan of PVP as a conflict resolustion.

Tabletop / Dice Games: Yes. Provided the underlying game doesn't stifle my creativity too much.

Voice Chat: No.

Preferred RP Genres
Fantasy, Adventure, Fighting, Tournament, Drama, Suspense, Horror, Video Game Setting, Non-Sexual Romance (As an optional sub-genre), Serious/Heavy Plots, Light-Hearted/Goofy Plots

Mystery, Anime/Cartoon, Slice-Of-Life (As a sub-genre), Modern

Sexual Romance, Slice-Of-Life (As a main genre), Non-sexual Romance (As a main genre), Science Fiction, Gun-Heavy Settings

Beloved Fandoms
Emoji Marking Legend:
❓= I'm familiar with the series, but I'm only modestly invested in the lore.
🤷‍♀️= I know almost nothing about the lore.
✏️= I lean more toward OCs in this series.

Extremely Interested
Puyo Puyo / Madou Monogatari
Sailor Moon❓

Very Interested
Kingdom Hearts
Little Witch Academia
Mega Man

Solidly Interested
Cardcaptor Sakura❓
Disney Fairies (See: Tinkerbell)
Golden Sun
Kid Icarus
Most Magical Girl Series (Not Otherwise Listed)🤷‍♀️
Totally Spies

Modestly Interested
Final Fantasy 4
Final Fantasy 7❓
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 10🤷‍♀️
Final Fantasy 14✏️
My Hero Academia
Soul Calibur❓
Teen Titans❓

Interaction Guidelines
  • Please don't harass me for quicker responses.
  • OOC respect is very much appreciated.
  • I like to discuss the premise of RPs and get at least a skeletal idea of the direction and plot fleshed out before I start RPing. I'm not much for quick starts.
  • I'm open to love stories, but not smut. No sex.

Rave Reviews

Arle Nadja (played by Marin)
I really like this character! She has a fun personality, like basically the exact type of character I love to see but can never find very many of. I think she would be super fun to RP with! - Anonymous

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