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✨Here for:✨


(Roleplaying, gardening, cocktails, makeup, bike rides)


✨Favorite Color✨
✨Favorite Artists✨
(Monet, Dali, Degas)




✨Where I RP:✨
(The Golden Tether)


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Rave Reviews

This girl is so creative that it absolutely blows my mind. Admittedly I don't get to rp with her as much as I like but every time I have its been a real treat. Her penchant for bringing people together to have fun and hilarious rps is a skill that anyone should be envious of and if they get a chance they should definitely join in. Anytime I see that she's involved with an event I've got to join in because I know that she'll make it that much more special and fun. - Catie

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