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๒ Name: Jeremy

๒ Age: Teenager is all I'm saying.

๒ Personality: Instead of getting hit in the face with a long list of traits, just look up INFP.

๒ Preferred roleplay style: Literate. While I understand that people express themselves in different ways, I came here to improve my writing skills; not so I could read "*i look at u*" all day. The length of my posts usually mirrors that of my partner(s). This is because I have a tendency to build on other's ideas to push the plot forward. A bit more of the detail-oriented sort. I'm usually okay with any genre except for excessive smut or sexual content.

๒ A little about me: I am very new to RP, so I might not understand all of the terminology and rules. Heck, I didn't even know such a thing existed until the 9th grade. Though I do like drawing and writing, I am not necessarily the best at either of those. I can't be online all the time but I'm most active on Saturdays. Internet where I live is pretty inconsistent, so if I suddenly go silent on you that's why. However, I don't mind at all when people suddenly ghost me. Just be aware that I might take a while to get back to you.

I didn't come here just to improve my writing. I promised myself I'd make at least one new friend before the age of 20. Figured that I could start here since we all have RP as a common interest[?] If you ever want to roleplay or just talk, all you have to do is message me. (I prefer to use Discord because I have to reload the pages for them to update here. My username is Jeremy Orson#5622)

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