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howdy there everyone im just another role player trying to touch up on his grammar and punctuation so im hoping we can work together if not then sorry lol but i hope you like a certain leafy substance couse thats what i bring to most things unless there like fantasy stuff or if people don’t like it

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In my short time chatting with Max, I can say he is a kind, funny, and understanding person. Despite my slow replies, he's very considerate and patient. We are yet to go further into our RP, and I do look forward to every response he makes (though I'm sorry for making him wait too long. Huhu). Continue being awesome, Max, and thank you for being such a sweet friend!💖 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - HibariHaru013
I have roleplayed with Max on a previous site, and he is still amazing as ever. He is flexible in his writing and across many genres. Max is also willing to compromise with ideas and also offer wonderful ideas of his own. His character, Max and my character, Percy have been in the Wild West. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Jaws

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