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I really love to get to know and expand my characters - tell a story. I love long rps and am most definitely a paragraph poster. However I like for things to just flow as they will and not do any major/detailed planning for them. Small plots to run through, a general idea of what we like or heads up on crazy stuff is fine though.

Mostly looking for short stuff, or patient partners to ping my guys off of for now due to time constraints and work.

A few things about me:
  • I live in Texas, and I work a lot. So when I'm online, it's usually late.
  • I'm up to rp here on the site or on Discord. PM me at ThatFabShiv#8381
  • While I'm not against erp, that's not what I'm here for or specifically interested in by itself. Please don't message me if you're looking for standalone erp.
  • I'm a bit of a furry and only have a few human(-ish) characters. However, most of my characters are shapeshifters and can form-fit to many different rps and themes. Just ask!

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