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I was here before, under the username of Ozzyotter3001. I think. Can't remember. Basically no one really RPed with me because they were all Third Person Elitists and would give me shit for having an opinion. (That opinion was "**** third person, I'll never use it") And it got to the point where I just got so angry and frustrated and sad that I just had a breakdown, deleted my account on this site, deleted my characters/accounts on other sites and said "nah I guess this hobby is just a chore, because I have to put in so much work to find someone to actually RP with me." (It didn't help that my grandmother had died at the same time so I was even more mentally fragile than I already normally am.)

... A few weeks later I returned to another site with art for one my characters. All went well at first, but now I'm old news on that site again so no one RPs with me again, lmao.

I suppose I'm back here to tell myself that "nah you'll get some RP here don't worry." I fully predict that I'll get a few good weeks of RPing, before it all trickles off and dies again.

I work long hours at a full time job, and not only is it physically exhausting, I'm not treated very well, which leads to many bad moods and both mental and emotional exhaustion at the end of some days.

Anyway. Now that you know the high negatives, I'll move onto some positives:

I'm learning to play bass
I will absolutely allow you to add me on Discord
I have long hair
I can purr
My other favourite hobbies amongst RP are; sleeping, eating, playing bass, verbally abusing my friends (not seriously of course), talking about RP, talking about RP characters, talking about bass and watching youtube (channels like Davie504, Jacksepticeye, penguinz0 and Zanny, among others.)

I would like to think I am friendly and open-minded, so I'd be happy to just talk, instead of RPing.

Now let's go to RP information!

I RP in first person, and this is non-negotiable. However, I don't mind whatever post perspective you use in an RP with me. I don't want anyone trying to convince me to use third person, or telling me that I should, or whatever. I've had that for over a decade and I'm a little tired of it. Anyone who messages me with the intent of taking a dump on first person, or me for using it, is getting instantly blocked.

I can be inconsistent with replies and post length. Sometimes I reply in 2 minutes, sometimes in 2 hours. Sometimes I'll write a paragraph or two, sometimes I barely manage 3 lines. I'm sorry if you don't like that.

I slightly self-insert with all my characters. They are all based on some quality of mine. This makes them more relatable to me, and helps with the escapism I try and get out of RPing. Adding first person perspective to that just makes it even better.

Thanks for reading my profile if you have the patience to do so! I might add more later, but for now I'll leave it there.

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