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Hello, I am a returning RP player. I happened to come across the design that I liked on RPR and chose to buy it. I am not the original creator of the artwork design for a few. They were played by someone else in the past but that person is not me! Sorry. <3 I hope that you like my changes to these designs as the old owner was happy that they were getting used again. Something you should know about when I roleplay is that I roll my character out as if it is a DnD campaign. I generally pick a number in my head for a dice roll to have to meet to perform a certain action. If the dice roll is higher then my character will perform it. If it is too low then they will fail it. I think it adds a bit of realism to a character that could otherwise be good at everything right off the bat. If it is a harder skill or ability to use then the roll may be even higher in order to finish it. If I roll a twenty out of twenty rolls it generally means that my character had an unknown talent in something and if I roll a one of twenty... They are horrible. I may also roll for other things like how a spell affects my character or if she becomes drunk easily. Just know that there IS a hint of randomness to their lives. Thanks!

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