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My name is Meat! I'm 20, trans (he/him), and an Aries. I'm also a digital artist and I love making characters! I also occaisionally roleplay.

I enjoy 1-1 rps of most genres, I am open to smut for people 18+ only, my favorite categories are fantasy or involve things that are spooky. My characters are a wip, as I hope to add more in the future

(If art on any of my character pages is uncredited it is mine)

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WOW. They're my favourite person I've ever rped with. Their replies are interesting and detailed and I look forward to each one. I find myself checking my Dms every few minutes and I always reply to them first because I just LOVE our rp. It hasn't gotten very far yet, but I hope we keep rping for a while. Thanks for being awesome and interesting.

- Jax <3 Wonderful writer Fast responses - Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX

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