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Hello everyone, my name is Bard and I have been roleplaying since 2013 and have too many ocs to count.

I'm in school currently and also work part time, so the times where I'll be online are gonna be pretty inconsistent, but I'll always do my best to respond to messages in timely manners.

As far as random facts go, my favorite color is purple. I love history and it influences much of my characters and writing. And if you give me an inch with any of my characters I will talk your ear off about them.

I plan to post only oc bio's in my character pages, but I do like to roleplay fandom things too. My fandom interests tend to change at the drop of a hat, but currently I'm really into Fullmetal Alchemist. As far as canon characters go, I can definitely write as Riza Hawkeye or Edward Elric, but I hope to write other characters from other fandoms too. One character I hope to write for one day is Violet Evergarden from...well Violet Evergarden. I also have several other fandom characters that I write from more smaller fandoms, but if you're interested in any of these at all feel free to shoot me a message!

My favorite genre's include anything historically based, fantasy, adventure, mystery's, and the supernatural. Basically I am down for pretty much any genre, you name it I'm probably already planning my starter.

1. Don't control my character. I get if there's a kind of a general 'And they walked to this place' to move the plot along, but I'm not down with 'Chara A hugged Charlie, and Charlie accepted the embrace' as it limits what I can do with my own characters.

2. Don't assume relationships with my characters. We can talk how they know each other or if they know each other before we start writing.

3. I'd rather not roleplay smut or anything excessively gory, but fades to black are fine and often times I'm flexible when discussing levels of violence or sexual themes in a plot.

4. Please tell me if there are any topics, themes, or words that make you uncomfortable before we start plotting or as it comes up in an rp. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, and making sure my partners are having fun along with me is a priority.

5. I really don't care at all about post length or grammar. So long as I can understand what you're trying to get across and you don't mind if I write long responses then everything will work out fine!

6. Because I'm going to school and working, my time is limited where I can just rp. I will always try to respond quickly, but if you think I've forgotten a thread don't hesitate to shoot me a message and remind me!

7. Have fun! Don't be afraid to shoot me a message if you want to start something, or just to chat! I love making friends!

Other places I roleplay on are discord and telegram. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to contact me through there too!

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