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Discord: Stell#9874

PSA: Hey, guys! Please visit my friend's Patreon for crafts and cosplay stuff! She also has an awesome YouTube channel about video games!

Mary Sue test - Remember, you don't have to take the results seriously! It's just fun to fill out! Here's another one!

Generators galore!
Photo height-weight chart


Postey's buffer butler - Useful for writing posts on Furcadia.

This needs an update! Hi, I'm Monica, though I usually go by Meedle on the internets! I've been rping since about 2003.
I live in Kansas right now and dislike it. I want to end up in Orlando or NYC eventually. WHOOP, WHOOP. I'M IN FLORIDA, BABY.

I'm currently in college, studying supply chain management! Before that, I was a dual majored in graphic design and illustration. I still do art occasionally, though I rarely finish anything.
I graduated in May 2017. While the work force is kind of a drag, it's nice not having homework for a change.

Rave Reviews

Have known this lady for quite some time now and am just now getting around to leaving my own review. -Clears his throat.- A very enthusiastic individual, always willing to RP and a complete joy to be around. She brings a smile to my face whenever we chat and while I do not RP as much as I should, she's someone you can rely on. Her characters are a riot to interact with and the player, even more easygoing, like a Sunday morning. You're a doll, Meedle.~ - Silverspeare
Silly name aside, Meedle has created one of the most dynamic, engaging, and entertaining characters I've ever seen on Furcadia. Playing with her almost always left me laughing and eager to see her again. - JayBird

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