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NOTE (6/14/19) - Starting June 26th, I will be a counselor at an Overnight camp through the month of July and the first week of August. I will only be available on Saturdays to reply!

Hey there! I'm Nutmeg! I've been role playing for about 12 years now and have been drawing for about 16 years! I love to do both and, if I can help it, will continue to do it until I'm old!!

More about Me

24 | She/her | Bisexual | Taken
Artist | Writer | Character Hoarder

Likes: Drawing, Gaming, Animals, Creating characters, cooking, late night drives

Dislikes: Being forced to do something, nagging, being tickled, Immaturity

Feel free to send me a message if you're interested in RPing! I'll always give somebody a shot once and if I don't think we mesh, I'll let you know!


Player Condition: Active

Roleplay Availability: Closed

Roleplay Count: Active: 3|Semi-Active: 0|Inactive: 3

Time Zone: Eastern Standard

Available Sites: RPR|Discord (Please note, I will only give out my discord to those I know and trust or to discuss commission information.)

Player Summary: I'm a multi-paragraph roleplayer, with an average of three to five paragraphs. I'm descriptive and often describe what my character is thinking.


1. I prefer playing with 18+ players but will play with people 16+.
    1.1. I will not RP anything sexual with players ages 16-18.
2. Read my preferences and limits before contacting me.
3. IC does not equal OOC.
4. No one-word or one-liner replies. No God Modding/Power Play. Some character control is acceptable if discussed beforehand.
5. I fade to black/time skip with sex scenes.
6. Anon characters must be willing to share their player profile on request.
7. No, I will not draw your characters for you just because we are RPing/talking together. Please see my commissions page, linked at the bottom of my Profile.

Roleplay Preferences

I love:
☽ Fantasy (General Fantasy, Modern, Historical, ect)
☽ Adventure
☽ Supernatural
☽ Horror
☽ Western
☽ Steam Punk
☽ Romance - M/F Only (I have nothing against M/M or F/F, it often just doesn't interest me from a righting aspect.)
☽ Original Roleplay
☽ Detailed Characters
☽ IC Drama/Tension/Angst
☽ Flexible and Patient Players
Prefer Playing female characters

I'm very willing to try:
★ Action Genre
★ Dice-Based Roleplay
★ Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay
★ Almost any other Roleplay/Genre I haven't listed
★ Modern/Slice-of-Life
★ Non-Romantic Fluff
★ Historical Fiction
★ Play male characters

Roleplay Limits

I'm iffy/meh on:
•Low Fantasy Modern Genre
•Non-Fantasy/Realistic Sci-Fi
•Fully sexual RP
Important note
I enjoy sexual innuendo and mentions of it in RP. I think sex and sexuality is a mature and important part of some characters. However, I'm uncomfortable RPing full sex/erotic scenes with people I don't know/trust. I will do before and after scenes (making out/Gentle Foreplay/heavy petting) if it's discussed before hand but then I would prefer to do a black out. Thank you for understanding.

•Furry/Anthro RP
•OC fandom RPs
•M/M & F/F Romance

I will never do:
×Canon-Only Fandom Genre
×Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy
×Full sex scenes
×Characters w/ No Personality or History
×OOC Drama

IMPORTANT: About Reply Speed

I try to reply once a day, but it doesn't always happen. I give myself time to think of a reply and try not to reply to things in a rush. Quality over quantity and speed, in my opinion. Depending on my motivation/muse, it could take me days to reply. Sometimes weeks. Please try not to nag me. A gentle message after a week of no contact is fine, however.

I'll be upfront if I'm no longer interested, so don't assume that I ditched or ghosted because I took too long. If I'm no longer interested or think I'll have a long delay, I'll let you know as soon as I am able.

Tumblr: Megalithic-Hart

Instagram: MegalithicHart

Twitter: @MegalithicHart


Interested in my commissions? Please visit my Commissions Forum post to see all my prices!

Megalithichart Commissions


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