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aOZE.gifdog died might be extra slow

I'm Pen baybee
☀ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ☁

Agender (they/them)
17 years old
7/8 years experience
Multi-Para Writer

☆ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ☽

Current Roleplays -
A dragon in Vereldane - Messenger 1x1
The CinderTroll - RPR 1x1
Amathea - Messenger Group (Closed)
Swallow's Rest - RPR 1x1
Decopunk, Cowboy - RPR 1x1

Reply Status - Slower than usual

Current Projects
Swallow's Rest Profile (focus)
Decopunk, Cowboy(secondary)
My profile
Roleplay Information
*OOC chatting
*OOC Plotting & Worldbuilding
*Slow Burn Romance - Specifically when its not two characters being pushed together
*Fantasy (High/Low)
*Character Death (Planning required)
*Mild/Moderate Character Injury
* Severe/Disabling Character Injury (Planning Required)
*Characters who are terrible people
*General Drama

*Group Roleplays
*Multi-Generational Roleplays
*Strictly Furry/Anthro/Animal characters
*'Realistic' Historical
*Gore (defined as excessively graphic descriptions of violence, blood/organs, and torture)
*Strict Mechanics

*Story centered around Romance
*No Plotting or Conversing OOC
*Plot-relevant detailed Torture????

*OOC Rudeness
*OOC LGBT-Phobias, Racism, Ableism, etc..
*Gore-based roleplays
*Nonsense Edge IC/OOC
⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭
Writing Example

Third-person / Typically Past-Tense, sometimes Present-Tense/ Multi-Paragraph
yes right now its a fanfic i wrote ok it's what i've put the most effort and heart into so far.

Partner Requirements
- Multi-paragraph (at least capable of 3)
- Third-person, preferably not first-person, absolutely not second-person (you/your)
- Does not require me to have character profiles (I won't lol)
- Patient, excessive bumping and reminders can really throw me off bc I get really busy and have ADHD. Sometimes replying just takes a while.

I am apart of Team Puff! With my fish Quillton, so humbly gifted to me by the Upside-Down Magician Deity, we will save the world from the Great Fishcapade!

Find me on
Discord - Meja#1206
Messenger - Ask

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Meja is kind, and mindful with a big heart. I love the fact that they take time to welcome every single new member that joins the site. Their passion for writing and RP clearly shows in their profile and their characters. They've also got a great sense of humor! Kind and understanding Helpful - Somnom
Mejasoulfruit is such a fantastic writer and world builder! Their main character is great, but Meja also adds in a whole host of side characters that really makes the game world feel alive and real. Plus, they are patient when life gets in the way for a while! If you get a chance to RP with this lovely story teller, do it! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Juls

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