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I'm Pen baybee
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Agender (they/them)
18 years old
8/9 years experience
Multi-Para Writer

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Current Roleplays -
A dragon in Vereldane - Messenger 1x1
The CinderTroll - RPR 1x1
Amathea - Messenger Group (Closed) (Hiatus assumedly)
Swallow's Rest - RPR 1x1
ATLA - messenger 1x1
The House In The White Mountains - Messenger Group (closed)

Reply Status - slow but here!!!

Current Projects
-Kit Badger
- myself honestly

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always / never in works as i try and make myself look less like a wad
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Writing Example

Third-person / Typically Past-Tense, sometimes Present-Tense/ Multi-Paragraph
(Quick CW for (Censored) Swearing!)
A snippit I wrote for no reason other than it was a scene I had in mind. It includes my Oc Cletus (27/28) and Sally, a popular creepypasta character! She's a lil ghost girl who, in my headcannons still, died when she was 8. She's lived on as a ghost for 50+ years and I try my hardest to mingle nature (her being 8 years old) and nurture (her having 50 years of 'life' experience and knowledge and falling into a near maternal role for the proxies of the house due to this). She's owned by La-Mishi-Mish. The setting is a stereotypical Slender Mansion setting.
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She threw the book onto the table in a rage that burned brighter than he could have ever imagined from her. Cletus stumbled backwards. His heart raced up into his throat and his Adam’s Apple bobbed as he swallowed it back into his chest. She looked incredibly adult here, like a lawyer finding out her client had gone out to go smoke Mary Jane in the courtroom before taking a piss in the judge’s shoes. Or, something like that, he wasn’t sure how the court system worked and for all he f#$@&g knew that was just how they said hello on Sunday. She looked like she did paperwork and yelled for a living and it made Cletus shake. Those green eyes flashed with such intense venom, he could feel the deadliness of her upcoming words chilling the blood in his veins before she even bit into him. His uninjured hand groped backwards for the doorknob behind him, hoping he’d be able to spill himself out into the halls and scuttle under a coffee table or between the seat cushions of that disgusting tufted-velvet-fudge Sofa downstairs and avoid the wrath of this little girl in her shiny kitten heels and baby blue blouse.

Her hands rose, and clenched. Suddenly, she looked eight again. Sally’s face scrunched horribly and her lips trembled. Tears began to cascade down her hot, red cheeks and she pounded her little fists down into her thighs. “I just want you to be safe!” She squalled sniveling. “Cletus Church, I want you to be safe a-and I can’t do that when you’re doing everything in your power to make everyone mad!”

She gripped her hair and turned, her eight years of age and her sixty years of experience mingling together until she looked like a twenty something worrying about a troubled old boy she didn’t mean to have come into her care. Her breath came out in heaves. “I-I don’t know what’s going on in your head right now! Maybe Brutus knows better than I do and maybe neither of us know anything about you at all, but-- But I want to help! I do!” she wailed. She paced now as she talked, the height of the table cutting her off at the chest and, as Cletus realized, blocking her from a direct path to him. He thought again about spilling out into the hallway and scuttling off like a bug. His fingers met the brass and he began to dare.

Sally took a deep breath and turned. Her face was still very red. Her lips trembled and her nose and forehead still furrowed and wrinkled despite her best effort to relax them. She breathed a little calmer now. No longer did she huff, but she still puffed out little sobs. She swallowed hard, and Cletus’s hand gripped around the doorknob. “Cletus,” Sally said. The little girl was giving her best impression of an adult-- something she was better at being subconsciously than intentionally deciding to be, Cletus felt. Her “We... Sit down, okay? Please, just talk to me.”

Cletus’s hand tightened. His thoughts churned, and for a second so did his stomach. He glanced to the door and then over Sally’s head to the window. He could almost hear the conversation going on outside as bars of light from flashlights highlighted random words spoken below the window. He thought of Brutus, and he thought of Isiah, and he thought of Ruth. He thought hard, hard enough that it began to burn. Cletus blinked and felt a tear roll down his cheek. When he went to quickly swipe it off his cheek, he looked at his bandaged hand. Then, he looked to Sally, and his hand slipped away from the doorknob.
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Partner Requirements
- Multi-paragraph (at least capable of 3)
- Third-person, preferably not first-person, absolutely not second-person (you/your)
- Does not require me to have character profiles (I won't lol)
- Patient, excessive bumping and reminders can really throw me off bc I get really busy and have ADHD. Sometimes replying just takes a while.

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About me!

Hi I’m Pen! I’m an agender enby living in the USA! I am 18 years old and have one cat named Khadijah. I live at home with my mother and brother and am… kind of finishing up my senior year in the time of the Human Papillomavirus Coronavirus. I have ADHD and have amblyopia in my right eye (a lazy eye, colloquially.) If you’re not a fan of loud queers and noisy neurodivergents, I’m likely not your cup of tea as my ADHD and queer identity inherently affect how I experience the world and I embrace that wholy. I plan to become a high school English teacher and plan, like many of us, to write a book! I live in a constant state of world-loving sonder and gremlin chaotics and don’t tolerate punching down.

I’ve been roleplaying since I was around the age of 10 or 11, possibly even 9! I’ve been writing literally since I could pick up a pencil. Except, I did it extremely unintelligibly and my mom gave me her old Alphasmart 3000 instead. For a very long time I roleplayed on Roblox, but then moved to Discord for a hot moment and now I'm pretty exclusively between here and Facebook. I’d like to think I’m competent, maybe even a bit above competent, as a writer. I use roleplay to sharpen my skills and make friends! Most of my friend group has come from roleplaying, hence the reason I love to chat OOC! I’m a big world-builder but bad at getting things finished in a timely manner, and as I go onto college that will likely get worse. Sorry for the non-timely replies! In return, I try and give something nice.
I'd like to think this is somehow an aesthetic of mine.
Had a friend tag me as this. Everyone agreed.

current interests -Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

current interests -Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Song choice - The first song I've chosen to display is the McElroy Brothers and their dad singing a live cover of Space Worms. This was for a one shot story on their tabletop RPG podcast, The Adventure Zone, and I just hear so much dedication and love in it. TAZ and the McElroys have a very special place in my heart and I think it's really sweet. My second song is a sort of personal anthem - I love people! People are Messed Up. But, I see so much hope and compassion in humanity that I think is extremely important. My third choice is my absolutely favorite music video. I love the animation, colors, and transitions and how it pairs with the song.
Honorable mentions

I am apart of Team Puff! With my fish Quillton, so humbly gifted to me by the Upside-Down Magician Deity, we will save the world from the Great Fishcapade!

Find me on
Discord - Meja#1206
Messenger - Ask
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Rave Reviews

Okay, so, Meja is a amazing person. Very friendly, and a very amazing roleplayer. Super descriptive and makes the roleplay easy to picture in ones mind. I think I've found someone I can be friends with for a looong time.

If your looking for a goofy and amazing friend, Meja is the person. - ImagineTheDragons
Ha this person is so fun and creative! They are so very fun to talk to! And also? An amazing and detailed writer. Like actually. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

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