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aOZE.gifdog died might be extra slow

I'm Pen baybee
☀ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ☁

Agender (they/them)
17 years old
7/8 years experience
Multi-Para Writer

☆ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ☽

Current Roleplays -
A dragon in Vereldane - Messenger 1x1
The CinderTroll - RPR 1x1
Amathea - Messenger Group (Closed)
Swallow's Rest - RPR 1x1
Decopunk, Cowboy - RPR 1x1

Reply Status - Slower than usual

Current Projects
Swallow's Rest Profile (focus)
Decopunk, Cowboy(secondary)
My profile
Roleplay Information
*OOC chatting
*OOC Plotting & Worldbuilding
*Slow Burn Romance - Specifically when its not two characters being pushed together
*Fantasy (High/Low)
*Character Death (Planning required)
*Mild/Moderate Character Injury
* Severe/Disabling Character Injury (Planning Required)
*Characters who are terrible people
*General Drama

*Group Roleplays
*Multi-Generational Roleplays
*Strictly Furry/Anthro/Animal characters
*'Realistic' Historical
*Gore (defined as excessively graphic descriptions of violence, blood/organs, and torture)
*Strict Mechanics

*Story centered around Romance
*No Plotting or Conversing OOC
*Plot-relevant detailed Torture????

*OOC Rudeness
*OOC LGBT-Phobias, Racism, Ableism, etc..
*Gore-based roleplays
*Nonsense Edge IC/OOC
⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭ ⚘ ⯭
Writing Example

Third-person / Typically Past-Tense, sometimes Present-Tense/ Multi-Paragraph
yes right now its a fanfic i wrote ok it's what i've put the most effort and heart into so far.

Partner Requirements
- Multi-paragraph (at least capable of 3)
- Third-person, preferably not first-person, absolutely not second-person (you/your)
- Does not require me to have character profiles (I won't lol)
- Patient, excessive bumping and reminders can really throw me off bc I get really busy and have ADHD. Sometimes replying just takes a while.

I am apart of Team Puff! With my fish Quillton, so humbly gifted to me by the Upside-Down Magician Deity, we will save the world from the Great Fishcapade!

Find me on
Discord - Meja#1206
Messenger - Ask

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Okay, so, Meja is a amazing person. Very friendly, and a very amazing roleplayer. Super descriptive and makes the roleplay easy to picture in ones mind. I think I've found someone I can be friends with for a looong time.

If your looking for a goofy and amazing friend, Meja is the person. - ImagineTheDragons
Mejasoulfruit is such a fantastic writer and world builder! Their main character is great, but Meja also adds in a whole host of side characters that really makes the game world feel alive and real. Plus, they are patient when life gets in the way for a while! If you get a chance to RP with this lovely story teller, do it! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Juls

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