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((Exams are done, thank goodness, but if anything else arises, I may be gone for anoher really long time. Thank you to everyone for your patience!))

Hey there! Meme_Knight here! Or just Meme, if you prefer. I am relatively new to roleplay, but I love making OCs and writing backstories for them! I try to be friends with everyone, so if I seem a little too bubbly at times, I apologize. If you haven't noticed already, I am a fan of Undertale, dank memes, and all things nerdy! Some of my hobbies, besides this, include reading, cosplay, and doodling caricatures for my friends. You can also often find me at the top of playing some of my favorite forum games, or occasionally the Sci-Fi or Fantasy roleplay forums. Feel free to PM me, and we can RP together!

WARNING: I am as slow as a sloth when it comes to replying, so please try to be patient with me if you are PM-ing me. Just warning ya ;)

(If you have any questions about any of my roleplays, yays/nays or schedule feel free to ask!)

My timezone is US Eastern time, in case you were wondering.

Mon-Fri: 9 PM-11 PM (I work best late)
Sat: 10 PM-11 PM
Sun: I do not roleplay on this day.

IMPORTANT: This will be the norm until further notice. Note that I will get on occasionally not on schedule, this is because I find I have free time.)


-Cheesy romance
-Some fandoms (I will only rp ones that I know of)


-Unfamiliar fandoms
-constant battle/war


-Sexual content (anything not too graphic is fine)
-Power players (Mary/Gary Sues)
-Extreme Gore

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