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Welcome to my profile! The name is MerAkko, but honestly, I don't know what username I was thinking when I made this account. xdxdxd Please, call me Aria instead. I'm just a writer who migrated from RPG following its deletion, really! Nothing too specific to be found here, though a particular somebody refers to me as a writing prodigy, eheh...

Writing is a big hobby of mine, especially when done with other people! The unexpectedness of interactions between two characters, & the storylines & lore you could make—they're all quite entrancing, aren't they?!

I'm not sure what you'd like to know about me, but here are some little tidbits of the writer behind the screen!


Get to Know the Writer!

  • I adore photography to a fault!
  • I have a couple dogs & a cat two cats, with the eldest really helping me out by sitting on my laptop as I write this!
  • Coffee && tea makes up the majority of my blood. Coffee in particular! Love it when it's all milky & creamy. The best type! O-Or, well, to each their own, right?
  • I'm a full time student & aspiring psychologist!(Quarantine has me rethinking things, haha.) Classes, as we all know, have been moved online, but, funnily enough, whenever I have something very important due the next day, I tend to procrastinate by focusing intensely on writing, coding, & editing! All of which are not academically related! Yay!
  • I am hopelessly incompetent at drawing and the visual arts. I can doodle, but that's about it. As a result, the majority of what you'll see in my character galleries are works from Tumblr or Pixiv, or on occasion, assembled by me with the use of a character portrait maker on Picrew. I don't claim ownership of any of the pictures I use, unless I specify that it was my doing! Though, being at home for two straight months now has had me learning a thing or two about drawing...

A-Ahem... well, now that that's over, let's get to roleplay business! I should probably tell you that I have a couple of guidelines to note when writing with me. They're pretty basic stuff, but I just want to reiterate some in case they might be new to you, as some can be personal to me.

Aria's Li'l Guidelines!

  1. Please ensure that you are literate, & can write more than one-liners. I'm aware that, on occasion, I do end up giving my writing partner less to work with, but at the very least, try to maintain decent-enough grammar! Capitalization & correct punctuation's all I really need... so long as I can understand what you're trying to say! Quality over quantity, m'bois!
  2. I'm a minor. While I do like my fair share of romance, there has to be some chemistry & build-up between our characters! Although, erotica with me, being a minor would probably get you in a little bit of trouble yourself, too, so... please keep it away. ;; It also helps with the romance if we're familiar with each other OOC, by the way! But on that note, I'm an exclusive shipper—once one of my characters decides to get together with someone else's, I'm afraid that they'll be the only one I'll do romance with on that character. Unless the relationship ends, but you get the drill! Besides, we're not in it for that alone, right?!
  3. Other basics: please refrain from auto-ing, godmodding, that kind of stuff. If you have any experience with roleplaying, you should already know this. I say "refrain" since I also have my issues with that, especially in combat, which is one of my weak points in writing. Sometimes it might also be in the nature of my character's abilities to be a bit overpowered, but I try to be careful with this myself! On that note, I'm pretty open to crossovers of any sort, and practically all of my characters can be adjusted to fit other verses, be it your own, a canon one, or one that we've made together, even if they seem fixed to a single one. If you have any concerns about whether or not I will play this or that character in a certain verse, then just let me know!
  4. If you have any issues with the storyline, or a detail I missed and whatnot, please talk it out with me. I'll hear you out! I won't bite, honest. My memory is a bit faint for someone of my age, so sometimes in later periods of a roleplay, I might forget a particular detail mentioned in passing in previous replies, so let me know and I'll do what I can to work it out with you! Also, I have Discord!—but I'd rather we know a little more about each other before I give it out.
  5. Remember that part about me being a student? Well, you can figure out what that entails: I am often super tired when I get home, && sometimes on the weekends I just really want to relax, sleep, play some games & the like. I can be unmotivated, have a lot of academic deadlines... I'm only human, my friend. Expect slow, slow replies from me—so I only ask for a little patience! (E-Even if sometimes that patience has to extend more than just a couple weeks...) On the upside, I'm really good at waiting on replies too because of it, eheh.
  6. Have fun, you silly goose! What's the point of writing with someone else if you don't enjoy it? Hobby or not, if writing's something you enjoy, PURSUE IT! JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!


Now, this list may change someday, so it'd be nice if you could check back to see if anything new's poppin'! A-Ah... but thank you so much for reading through all that if you have...

I hope those rules didn't turn you away! ! ;; But if you're still here, then GREAT! Let's have at it—lookin' forward to stirring up a storm with ya!

Oh, and before I forget: I've taken down a handpicked few of my characters, some of which I only kept here for archive purposes, while the others I'd lost interest in for a while now. The ones remaining are the ones I'm still willing to write for, albeit Vernichtung and Reihenfolge lean more towards the first purpose, for the sake of keeping their information somewhere. I plan to rework Morgan Alemania as well, due to the extremely messy and unfinished nature of her profile and her magic system. I apologize if we started an RP on Morgan... ;;

For now, I think that's it! Thank you for dropping by, and have a pleasant day!

P.S. This recurrent character that I use as my faceclaim is Rei from Not So Shoujo Love Story, a lovely little girls love webtoon. I really can't draw, but we share hairstyles and fashion choices, so I thought she fits. :> (Pssst, the artist is @curryuku on Instagram!)


Rave Reviews

Merrako is a marvelous roleplayer, and one of the literate out there! Do not let her info fool you, this girl is a prodigy among roleplayers whose talent can sweep people off their feet!

She's also nice and sweet little ball of adorbs who deserves only head pats and good roleplay partners to have good stories with! Be the best to her and she'll be the best to you! - Kamizombie
MerAkko is a good friend of mine, and I can confidently say that she's really cool! I don't know how she does it, but her way with words is always charming to me. Every role-play that I've had with her was always fun, and I'm sure that anyone could enjoy role-playing with her too! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - nixnoodles

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