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I've been an on-and-off player for a few years here, so I probably should write a little about myself.

First and foremost: I'm a flake. If I stop responding, it isn't because I dislike you or anything. Boredom can hit me like a brick wall and then I just can't enjoy doing that thing anymore for a while, but might return to it in a few months or so. This goes for other things too! You don't want me as a guildmate in an MMO because I will absolutely lose interest in the game at a seemingly random moment and poof! ... I try to stick around, but what ends up happening is I'll just be staring at the screen, the words not coming to me at all. Forced responses and the likes. This isn't your fault; it's a just a bad personality trait that I have.

...If you can get past that, well! Hrm. I dunno? We can cuddle? I like to use this sort of place as an escape rather than a place where I'm constantly hanging out. Usually if I'm here, it's because I'm either bored to tears with something else, or something in my real life is bothering me and I need a distraction.

I'm a bad person; I know. Maybe you'll be the pure, positively-charged female whose personality I find absolutely magnetic! Maybe that will draw my attention long enough to finish what I start. Then again, probably not. As of this writing, Borderlands 3 is coming out in a couple of weeks. Do you know what an asshole I'd have to be to promise you a complete scenario? -snickering-
(Edit: it held my attention for two minutes, and the next eight hours or so were torture.)

Anyway. My characters are all psychotic in some way, but perhaps we can get along. I enjoy master/pet-type relationships (gentle affections coupled with rough pleasures) and the feeling of being worshipped. If you're my opposite, then maybe we should play. I apologize in advance if I just can't bring myself to finish it.

Discord: misfit#6499
You may add me for any reason.

I am PM-friendly. Even if we don't play, it's quite alright if you just want to say Hi. :)

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MerrybandofMisfits is wonderful, it is hard to describe with words how much I adore our RP. He is point on with the character, with creativity and good writing. The posts always in the right amount, with much to work from.

I can recommend an rp with this guy! - SerpentSolus

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