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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!

Well, I have a lot of interests. I love to listen to music, watch anime, tv shows, and movies, and hanging out with my friends.

Against The Current
Maroon 5
Martin Garrix
Blink 182

Black Clover
Fairy Tail
My Hero Academia
Code Geass
your lie in April
Cowboy Bebop

TV shows
The Vampire Diaries
Dr. Who
Stargate Sg 1
Stargate Atlantis
Blue Bloods

Ready Player One
The Boondock Saints
The Hobbit Trilogy
LOTR Trilogy
10 things I hate about you
Vampire Effect
Star Wars 1-8

Rave Reviews

  • This person right here is fantastic in every way! The way they rp is simply wonderful! I have only been in one rp session with them, however they are so great with words and including people! 10/10 would rp with them any time! :3
    -- SeaWarriorRachel
  • We're should I start , he just amazing friend and roll player . If you ever get a chance to become his friend and rp with him , I am sure he will make you feel welcome 😊.
    -- Dib2435

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