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Hello there people of RP Repository. Welcome to my profile. I'm up for any Role Play. My personal favorites are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, Adventure, Drama, and Romance. I'm usually busy and my response times vary, but I always reply! I do my best to work with any preference, and I'm a pretty laid-back and easy going kind of guy. So, hit me upi f you feel like it. :)

Rave Reviews

This guy is amazing. i wish i had met him earlier. He's so fun and creative and i think he is one of the best role-players i have ever met Ya'll must role-play with him - Starwarsfan
Michael here is one of my RP partners and he is an amazing rper. He drives the plot forward and he has creative ideas. I also want to thank him for being there when I need someone to talk to. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - JetStorm

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