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Hey. You might know me as Micheru or Cayce.
I play a couple of characters, but my most well known on RPR is well.. Micheru.

I dabble in virtual worlds development, and various projects to keep my imagination flowing and wallet full, but my day to day job is in the field of business analytics.

Most of my art comes from these two:

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Rave Reviews

He is a fantastic plot driver, and its nice to see his characters having a great deal of depth. It leaves surprises every rp! He is a legendary player to boot. I am excited to RP with him because i know whatever it is, its gonna be good! <3 - Mipps
Aaaaawwww, Mich is a great RPer and always interesting. Very hard to keep me entertained and yet somehow he does it. We've RPed together for about 10 years total and never a dull moment! <3 - Rashida

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