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I've roleplayed for roughly 16 years, and have experience in both fantasy, modern, medieval and post-apocalyptic settings. I have roleplayed mythical creatures and animals but most frequently humans and this is also what I prefer for the moment. I do both fandom RP's, as well as RP's with original characters and worlds. I've done a bit of everything, safe to say!

I enjoy adventure and slow-burn romance RP's the most! Violence, gore and adult themes are enjoyed as well but honestly it really depends on the RP in itself; if such things do not fit into that particular RP, I prefer to not include it, and so on.

When it comes to romance in RP's, I prefer Male x Male, but if the characters click well enough I wont really care!

I love writing, and I love coming up with ideas for stories and characters. I am not as good with creating entire worlds with thought out politics, wars and races etc, instead my strength is the characters and their personalities, motives and emotions. To me, the characters make the story no matter how extravagant the world they live in is.

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