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Starting to get busy again, might take some days to reply (:

Maybe a few
All these times are in my timezone. You can use This Link to find out what these times are for you

Classes (includes getting there):
Tuesday 7.30-12.15
Wednesday 8.00-12.00
Friday: 7.30-12.30

Cheer Practice:
Monday 16.30-21.00
Tuesday 17.00-19.30
Thursday 16.30-19.00
Fridays in uneven weeks 18.30-21.00
Saturday’s in even weeks 12.00-14.30

Well, what's to tell? ;) I enjoy a good RP, especially romance (kind of a sucker for that!) I'm 25 years old and I'm from Denmark. Currently studying to become a teacher. When I'm not studying, I'm coaching two cheerleading teams and doing cheerleading myself (:

I'm not really that picky about what to RP, so feel free to write me if you want to RP (: I am however not that into fantasy or supernatural RP's and I strongly prefer the RP's to be MxF (: Also, I write in first person, but I don't expect you to do the same if you don't want to)

I feel like i can never have enough RP's, but i do prefer people letting me know if they are growing tired of the RP or doesn't have the time in a couple of days or something, I tend to have this mind that tells me that I'm the problem and people don't want to RP with me, so it will ease my mind a lot if you just keep me informed (:

Things I obsesse way too much over:
About most the tv shows I've ever seen
About most of the books I've read

You can also find me in these places:

Discord: Cami#9108
Black Dahlia Roleplaying: Milsen

This makes me proud of my country and love my sport even more:

Rave Reviews

Ive got 2 rps with her and shes amazing. So passionate and in depth with her characters. I love it and i would not miss another opportunity to rp with her at all! - Ricochett
Milsen is one of those wonderful people who is quite friendly and fun to talk to OOC. Her characters are wonderfully crafted and the way she writes in 1st-person is a joy to RP with! If you get a chance to write stories with Milsen, you will be blessed! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Rogue-Scribe

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