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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: June 10

Hello yes welcome to my profile. Here you can see the lovely characters I RP with. Take a look around and message me if you're interested in any of my characters! I do have many, many characters not on the site, and if your story interests me, I'm happy to make a new character. Thanks much!

A little bit about myself... I like to RP romance, conflict, humor, fantasy, modern times, scifi, and nearly everything in-between! I'll usually reject pure yiff or pure romance RPs, since I prefer lots of action and drama rather than just constant fluff! I also love to talk with my partners OOC since I think it gives us a closer connection and makes it easier to create/adjust plot lines and work through conflicts.

I like music (pop, musicals, classical, classic rock, techno--you name it!), playing piano, singing, drawing, writing, and of course RPing. I have a few favorite animes (mainly Hetalia, Yuri on Ice, and My Hero Academia). I'm also really into Japanese - both language and culture.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to drop me a line if you wanna chat or start up an RP. (I have TONS of characters that don't have pages on RPR, so feel free to shoot any idea by me and I'll see what I have) Hope to talk to you soon!

- Mimikk

(also just fyi, OOC i tend to speak like this, with little punctuation and capitalization, but please dont let that deter you from an rp with me! i'll even send you a snippit of my rping style to reassure you that i'll give you the best rp that i can!)

Rave Reviews

  • I really can't get over how amazing this woman is. Her characters are phenomenal, her storylines are great, and she's always coming up with new twists that make things interesting! When our one storyline came to its end, we couldn't stop there, so we just made more!...
    -- CelestinaGrey
  • Mimikk is fabulous. I RPed with her a few years ago, and we just started up a new RP and I couldn't be more excited! Her ideas are unique, her characters are enthralling, and she rolls with my plot twists and gives them right back! I adore RPing with this fabulous person, and you will too! I promise!
    -- CelestinaGrey

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