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Hello, I'm Min-Ya!
:star: Please talk to me before sending friend requests! :star:

I'm off and on all hours of the day/night and am pretty easy to get ahold of. Don't hesitate to write me! ^_^

About me and my RP history

I have RPd since I was 10 (weird flex but ok haha).

I am a literary writer and tend to write long posts packed with detail, specifically focusing on the inner world of my character (emotions, thoughts etc). I am actively trying to get better at reducing my word count to tell the story in a more direct way - as I understand not everyone has the time and energy to read very lengthy posts - but please just keep this in mind before approaching me with an RP. I never expect my partner to "keep up", but I can't promise my reply wont be at least 5 paragraphs long and I require at least 3 from my partner to keep me engaged.

I love to draw and to meme around in OOC.

If allowed, I meme a lot, and love to share my memes with the people I RP with. If we vibe and I send you plenty of memes it just means I really like you, please don't hate me
(but let me know if I'm bothering you with my :star: spam :star: haha)

RP themes I'm interested in

I love romance and drama in my RPs and these often take focus. Action and adventure are also themes I really like! Many of my characters have a troubled past and I love to let them improve over the course of the RP.

I am a sucker for realistically portrayed love with all its ups, downs and uncertanties so I wont do RP's that are purely "fluff" but neither will I do RPs that are purely misery/smut. I like romantic RPs to be a mix of sappy and down to earth, and whatever passion characters share must be organic and genuine.

I'm not interested in cowboy/sci-fi or hyper modern RPs. I simply find it very hard to get into those settings in any manner.
I prefer fantasy/medieval/victorian settings.

General Terms

- I only RP with people 21+
- I only RP in third person
- I only RP one-on-one
- I require at least 3 paragraphs from my partner.
- Wont do furry/anthro RPs. Open to Demons, might be open to aliens/shifters depending.
- I like gritty, realistic settings that are believable.
- I pretty much exclusively do MxM RP's
- Open to side-characters, but focus on the mains
- Please dont ghost me, let me know if you are not feeling it anymore,
I'll understand <3

In-depth NSFW Terms

- Talk to me beforehand about terms/kinks and remember to stay within our agreement

- I wont do fade-to-black as it breaks my immersion,
so if you wish our characters to get intimate I prefer to play it out fully or refrain from intimacy altogether

- Never scat/watersports/feet.

My response rate
I try to reply at least every 3 days, but sometimes I am not well enough or just don't have the time or energy to reply so a week might pass. Sometimes I am able to reply every day. If you are not open to flexible response times, then I am not currently the right person for you. I wont pressure you to reply either, I might check in once if I don't hear from you in 2 weeks, but if you don't respond I wont hound you for it etc. I don't want this to feel like a chore for either of us <3

Rave Reviews

It speaks to the quality of Min-ya's character and writing abilities that, even though we've only been playing a month or so, they've already become one of my favorite people to write with. Their attention to detail really brings the game alive. On top of that, they're thoughtful of others and always keep me in the loop. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Lexiconik
Super hard to choose just two qualities. Min-ya rules. Funny, creative, collaborative and prolific. Yey you. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Alleluia

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