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Hello, I'm Min-Ya!
:star: Please talk to me before sending friend requests!:star:

I'm off and on all hours of the day/night and am pretty easy to get ahold of. Don't hesitate to write me! 🌺

About me and my RP history

I've been roleplaying for almost 20 years.

I am a literary writer and tend to write long posts packed with detail, specifically focusing on the inner world of my character (emotions, thoughts etc). I never expect my partner to "keep up", but I can't promise my reply wont be at least 5 paragraphs long and I require at least 3 from my partner to keep me engaged.

I pretty much exclusively do romance-centered RPs, but I love a good plot to run alongside the romance. Drama, intrigue, and sudden twists are all things I enjoy greatly. I enjoy when characters go through great grief and suffering only to come out stronger on the other side.

RP themes I'm interested in

⟫ I love romance and drama. Action and adventure are also themes I really like and I enjoy RPs to have a mix of all four. Many of my characters have a troubled past and I love to let them improve over the course of the RP. βŸͺ

⟫Not intrested in pure horror/gore plots but violence and brutality can be included if it fits the story.βŸͺ

⟫I am a sucker for realistically portrayed love with all its ups, downs and uncertanties so I wont do RP's that are purely "fluff" but neither will I do RPs that are purely misery/smut. I like romantic RPs to be a mix of sappy and down to earth, and whatever passion characters share must be organic and genuine.βŸͺ

⟫I'm not interested in cowboy/sci-fi or hyper modern RPs. I simply find it very hard to get into those settings in any manner.βŸͺ

⟫I prefer fantasy/medieval/victorian settings.βŸͺ

General Terms

β—ˆ I only RP with people 21+ β—ˆ
β—ˆI only RP in third person β—ˆ
β—ˆ I only RP one-on-one β—ˆ
β—ˆ I require at least 3 paragraphs from my partner. β—ˆ
β—ˆ Wont do furry RPs, but open to some mythical beasts. Ask. β—ˆ
β—ˆ I like gritty, realistic settings that are believable. β—ˆ
β—ˆ I mainly do MxM romance plots but am open. β—ˆ
β—ˆ Open to (and greatly enjoy) side-characters. β—ˆ
β—ˆ No ghosting. If you are prone to ghosting, please move along.β—ˆ

In-depth NSFW Terms

β—‰ Talk to me beforehand about terms/kinks and remember to stay within our agreement.

β—‰ I wont do fade-to-black as it breaks my immersion,
so if you wish our characters to get intimate I prefer to play it out fully.

β—‰ Never scat/watersports/feet.

β—‰ Enjoy BDSM themes but not all my characters fit those dynamics.

πŸ•—My response rateπŸ•“
If you are not open to flexible response times, then I am not currently the right person for you. I wont pressure you to reply either, I might check in once if I don't hear from you in 2 weeks, but if you don't respond I wont hound you for it etc. I don't want this to feel like a chore for either of us <3

Rave Reviews

Super hard to choose just two qualities. Min-ya rules. Funny, creative, collaborative and prolific. Yey you. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Alleluia
What’s not to love about Min-ya. Great, descriptive writing with a purpose to drive the story forward. Very responsive in responses. One of the best Role Players I have ever encountered on RPR or otherwise. If you get a chance, start a story with Min-ya. Or don’t, might delay my next post from Min-ya! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - TarnishedHalo

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