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Re-vamping this profile, excuse the mess
Hello, I'm Min-Ya!
I have RPd since I was 10 (weird flex but ok haha) because I'm socially awkward, didn't have any IRL friends and the outdoors scare me ;3 :star:
16 years later, here I am, still RPing away, still without IRL friend (lmao no I'm kidding) and still loving the creative outlet writing (and RP fanart) gives me. Anything creative I probably am currently doing or have dipped my toes in at some point. I mostly draw but love concepting for animations too.

Quick note:
I have characters, but they are all anonymous. All of them are male and open for MxM RP's. Ask me if interested <3

I'm off and on all hours of the day/night and at the moment I pretty much live on here when I'm not at work, so I'm pretty easy to get ahold of.
I love to draw, so expect fanart of our characters if I really love the RP (with your consent ofc) ^_^

I love romance and drama in my RPs, and action and adventure are also themes I really like! Many of my characters have a troubled past and I love to let them improve over the course of the RP! I am a sucker for love too, so I can really enjoy a good sappy love story as well. Preferably a bit of both mixed together haha.

General Terms
- If the RP is going to be NSFW, I only RP with people 18+
- Wont do furry/anthro RPs. Catboys (minimal animal attributes) are fine.
- I like fantasy, though not the kind of fantasy with fairies. I like gritty, realistic settings that are believable.
- I pretty much exclusively do MxM RP's
- Only one-on-one RP's, too messy for me otherwise
- Open to each roleplayer having multiple characters each, but focus on the mains
- Please dont ghost me, let me know if you are not feeling it anymore, I'll understand <3

Terms for NSFW RPs
- Talk to me beforehand about terms/kinks
- I don't like fade-to-black as it breaks my immersion, so if you wish our characters to get intimate I prefer to play it out fully or refrain from intimacy alltogether
- I wont RP anything sexual that has anything to do with scat/watersports. Light blood play might be agreeable in very certain situations so talk to me first.

My current response rate
I usually respond fast, but as I work and my schedule varies, I might be off for a few days. I can promise 1 reply a week MINIMUM, but will try to reply as often as I can. If I know I will be away I will try to tell you in advance. I tend to be flexible, so just talk to me about ideas for the RP or if you wish to take things different directions! :)

Min-ya's Characters

Min-ya either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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Super hard to choose just two qualities. Min-ya rules. Funny, creative, collaborative and prolific. Yey you. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Alleluia

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