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Hello my friends, I am Minioma.

Epic tales, fascinating folklore or capturing mystery has always caught my attention from the early days my mother read me many children's book, from which I grew a fascination to read more and make some stories of my own.
I seek for stories, experience and fun I could share with other people.

What I wish to Role-Play?
- Fantasy
Not pixies and rainbow Light Fantasy, but nor Game of Thrones Life-Is-Misery Dark Fantasy ether. A balanced middle road does well.
New people, new places, new experiences... It's all welcomed. No need to travel around the world in 80 days, let's just enjoy the surroundings for a while.
Basically not too realistic. The settings and mythology is always welcomed, but let's not be too specific about real life people and dates.
Any period is good enough, as long as we won't pass the Industrial Revolution in 1750, the only exception being Victorian age. That's when history becomes boring to me.

I might not be best at it myself, but I always apreciate best if someone makes me laugh or even chuckle, as well as be able to make others laugh too.
Solving puzzles, crimes or finding legendary items... It's all my greatest weakness.
Not necessary, but welcomed if you have a good idea for it.

What I can tolerate in Role-Playing?
If done right, it'll be a pleasure.
-Foul language
If it fits the character and setting, go ahead, just don't make the whole world edgy just by language.
(If it fits, such as for a beast or monster tearing up its victim, it's fine)
Let's face it: adults will always be adults, even in monasteries. Just make sure it's not all about the sex. I ain't looking for Horny-Housewife-Erotica.

What I wish to avoid at all cost in Role-Playing?
-Real life
I live a real life, so I don't need to write stories about it. Let the unreal prosper at least somewhere like here.
Tragic story or characters are fine, as long as it's not brought up all the time, making all stories depressing and sad.
-Very unusual fetishes
The simple things, such a light bondage with mutual respect, gentle biting, enjoying one's scent is all ok, but feet, urination, old people and harmful whipping I do not tolerate. If you have any suggestions, you have no reason to be ashamed to ask. If it does not fit, we can exclude them or find something similar. If not, I might not be best to RP it with.

My characters are for my stories only.
Minioma is for discussing the flow and structure of the stories.
Whoever there is behind the keyboard, who puts these words in the stories, holds no meaning. That person and his/her personal life do not exist.
Here, there's only Minioma, the seeker of great stories and fun.

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