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Hello! I am Minkja, artist and character creator. I've been known to write a bit.
pronouns don't matter
The number one reason I'm not online? Work! All the time. ;-;

If any of the characters I have grab your attention, do not hesitate to shoot me a message.
love that good ol freeform, adjustable rp style

art tumblr

Rave Reviews

AHHH MY FAVORITE SUPER HEROES EVER ARE BACK. Thank you so much for further adventures of Roll and Initiative! You are so creative and funny and nerdy! <3 Yes, I realize that my last kudos for Minkja also mentioned Roll and Initative, but that's how awesome they are. - Kim
So creative! She is the creator of my favorite super heroes ever, Roll and his partner Initiative. I wish there was a weekly web comic of them and their nerdly adventures. - Kim

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