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⟡ мιηтєʅʅє ⟡

Twenty-Three | United Kingdom | Saggitarius

⟡ тσтαℓ ɾρѕ ⟡
31 as of the 15th September 2021

⟡ Ꮢєѕρσηѕє єтα ⟡
Between 1-3 days at the moment

Profile under construction, please bear with me.

⟡ αвσυт мє ⟡
I’m Mintelle, but feel free to call me Minty if that is a bit more preferable for you. I hail from the land of grey and rain that is commonly known as Great Britain. Currently, I’m 23 years old, though I feel like I’m 83 to be perfectly honest with you. Something cracks every time I move. Anyway, I’ve been writing for over 10 years now and it’s something I hope to make a living out of one day. But for the moment, it’s mostly just for fun. Being a Brit, I’m very polite and friendly so feel free to slide into my DMs if you’re looking to discuss an rp. I won’t bite, I promise. The worst I can do is say no or ask you if you're happy to wait.
⟡ му ωɾιтιηg ⟡
Well, this is probably the one you’re clicking on first so I’ll try to be clear and concise. I write in third person and send multiple paragraphs in each post. The number of paragraphs I send can range from three to eight on average, however I am perfectly capable of writing more depending on what’s going on in the scene I’m responding to. I like to think that my posts are neat and contain good grammar as well as punctuation, but I am human so there will probably be the odd mistake here or there. In terms of the frequency of my responses, you’ll be able to see a rough eta on how long my replies may take at the top of my profile. Typically, I try to respond within 24-48 hours.
⟡ gнσѕтιηg ⟡
In an ideal world, no one would be ghosted and we would communicate openly and honestly with one another. But unfortunately this is a profile I’ve faced countless times in the past and I’m sure I will continue to experience it in the future. So, I have a very simple process where ghosting is concerned. If I don’t get a response/hear from you within a month, I’ll reach out and ask if you’re ok and want to continue with our rp. If another month passes without contact, our rp will be moved into my ‘ghosted’ folder and will remain there until I hear from you.

Of course, real life comes first and I will never ask anyone to make our rp a priority, but I’m not going to bite your head off if you tell me you need to put things on hold if something has come up. Just keep me in the loop, rather than just blanking me, that’s all I ask.

Rave Reviews

This is really, seriously, overdue. Mintelle is quite honestly one of the most amazing people I've met in my life. Outside of our roleplays, she's generous, sweet and compassionate beyond belief, even going as far as to offer me help when things got tough for me IRL. In our roleplays, she's a phenomenal writer who always leaves me on the edge of my seat. Her characters are beautifully composed and portrayed. I can't emphasise this enough: she's the best person ever! - Pendanati
Mintelle is overall an amazing roleplayer. Even though we have just begun our second page in the pms I am pleased to say that she draws me into the rp with each post she sends out. The way she constructs her posts always keeps me wanting more. I can't wait to see what she comes up next. Definitely would recommend roleplaying with her, you will not regret it guaranteed. - M-S

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