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Bonjour and good day to you all. I'm Mintelle, but if that's too formal you can call me Minty. It's lovely to meet you. My profile will give you all the information you need about my style, responses and requirements.

Reply Status: 10.07.20 @ 16:10 - Replying.
Trying to respond once a week, as my motivation is running low.

Personal Updates: 10.07.20 @ 16:10 - Ill.
I've come down with a cold, so my writing may be lacking.

Proceed from here for Roleplay Information

About Me & My Writing

I have been role-playing since I was thirteen, so many moons ago, giving me nearly a decade of experience in that respect, but I’ve been writing since I was eight so in total I’ve been creating characters, worlds and stories for thirteen years now. Currently, I’m working on my own book which I’m hoping to get published within the next year or so. Fingers crossed. I’m a third person styled writer, who posts between three and seven paragraphs on average, but this can vary depending on the post. If I’m sending a starter, it’s likely going to be big, so be prepared for that.

Writing Requirements

When looking for new partners, I will only roleplay with someone who is a third person writer like myself, and who can post decent sized posts in return. I’m not expecting novella responses, however, if your replies drop to less than three paragraphs I’m going to quickly either lose interest in it or struggle to respond. Good grammar and neat formatting of your responses are also appreciated. As long as I can understand what you’ve written, we shouldn’t have too many issues. One final thing, please alert me of any limitations you have regarding RPs before we start.

Writing Limitations

Like most people, I have my limits. I won’t write with someone who roleplays in the first or second person, nor will I tolerate any responses in script styled, or consisting of one liners. Over powering or controlling characters are a no-no, as well as characters who have no face claims at all. Photos are preferred, but I may accept drawn ones depending on if it’s a canon character or not. For more sexual aspects, you can find my F-List here:

Ghosting Process

First of all, there is nothing I hate more than ghosting. If you’re not enjoying our roleplay just tell me and we can have a friendly discussion about it. I’m not going to be angry or upset, I’ll simply ask if you could tell me why, or if it’s something I’ve done, to get a better understanding of the situation. I’m not going to yell, or send you a message completely composed of caps locks. But, I know there are people out there who will ghost, both intentionally and not. Real-life gets in the way sometimes and it drags us away from the internet. So, here’s how I respond to getting ghosted, as I can appreciate it’s not always done on purpose.

1 month without a response:
Your RP is moved to my “unsure replies” column on my profile.
2 months with a response:
I will send you a message asking if you’re still interested in our RP.
3+ months without a response:
I remove you from the unsure column, your RP is moved into my ‘in the dark’ folder. I won’t delete it, but it'll stay there until I hear from you either IC or OOC.

Here is a list to show you where I currently stand with my roleplays. Typically I will reply in the order that they come in, but in moments of low inspiration I may respond the one that inspires me most at that moment, and then continue in the set order for the rest.

❤ Replies Sent ❤
Marisol & Ares
Henrik & Aradia
Doveline & Laen
Poppy & Hades
Rochelle & Graeme
Poppy & Adam
Azazel & Danny
Mitzi & Klai
Marisol & Eli
Willow & Arran

💖 Replies to Send 💖
Lucy & Harry
Cinders & Shane
Emmett & Nathalie

💔 Unsure Replies 💔
Lynnix & Jack


A little section to show my appreciation for the people I've met on this site. These may be people whose writing awestruck me, people who have shown me incredible kindness, or people I aspire to become. These are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference. Check them out!

Rave Reviews

This is really, seriously, overdue. Mintelle is quite honestly one of the most amazing people I've met in my life. Outside of our roleplays, she's generous, sweet and compassionate beyond belief, even going as far as to offer me help when things got tough for me IRL. In our roleplays, she's a phenomenal writer who always leaves me on the edge of my seat. Her characters are beautifully composed and portrayed. I can't emphasise this enough: she's the best person ever! - Pendanati
Apart from having the coolest profile I've ever seen, Mintelle is one of the best writers I've come across in my time roleplaying. Her characters are amazingly created and writing a story with her is just a pleasure. In a matter of days, we've started two RPs and they are simply awesome. - elenaperiwinkle

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