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pawoutlineblack_by_drache_lehre-d65673q.png MINTELLE | 21 | FEMALE pawoutlineblack_by_drache_lehre-d65673q.png

Bonjour, and good day to you all. I am Mintelle, but if that's too formal you can call me Mintie. Either way, it's lovely to meet you. I've been roleplaying since 13, so many moons ago. I'm maybe a little rusty, but I really look forward to creating a great plot with you!

REPLY STATUS: 23.08.19 @ 18:13 pm - gone to work, be back later.
I've got a lot of inspiration, so get it while it's hot!

UPDATE: 27.07.2019
I'm a lot better in myself than I was 3 months ago. I'm still wandering through the darkness, but it feels like I've found a torch, so things are a bit easier now. Aiming to be online more, but I'm searching for a full-time job, so this may change soon.

Roleplay Information

As of this current moment, I have 12 active roleplays. My rule is I will have double the number of roleplays, as I do characters, allowing for two each.

So right now I have 18 open roleplay slots. However, this is not first come first serve. I do have a few requirements, all of which you can find on my characters' first pages.

You can find my F-List here:

Here is a list to show you where I currently stand with my roleplays. Typically I will reply in the order that they come in, but in moments of low inspiration I may respond the one that inspires me most at that moment, and then continue in the set order for the rest.

❤ Replies Sent ❤
Azazel & Prudence
Kismet & Leon
Rochelle & Ragnar
Henrik & Bianca
Poppy & Adam
Henrik & Aradia
Fawn & Oliver
Doveline & Laen
Azazel & Danny
Marisol & Ares

💖 Replies to Send 💖
Zaylee & William
Marisol & Eli

💔 Unsure Replies 💔
Kismet & Nathaniel
Marisol & Anthony
Rochelle & Lucius
Mitzi & Klai
Poppy & Marrisa


A little section to show my appreciation for the people I've met on this site. These may be people whose writing awe struck me, people who have shown me incredible kindness, or people I aspire to become. These are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference. Check them out!

plico-29106-1551019201.png plico-13511-1433885801.jpg plico-26189-1505954991.jpg plico-43249-1560851615.jpg
plico-32816-1548351869.jpg plico-23299-1557400125.jpg
plico-33062-1565524969.jpg plico-41055-1555240521.png

Rave Reviews

  • Though we've only recently started RPing, I wanted to give Mintelle a shoutout because I'm just so in love with everything about her writing. Not only does she have a fantastic way with words, but she also is incredibly talented at crafting her characters. I've...
    -- DeliriumAngel
  • Mintelle is overall an amazing roleplayer. Even though we have just begun our second page in the pms I am pleased to say that she draws me into the rp with each post she sends out. The way she constructs her posts always keeps me wanting more. I can't wait to see...
    -- M-S

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