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  • Reply Status: I only have 2 active PM RPs left - replies are running slow. I am trying to be better but it may take a week (6.14.20)
  • Roleplay requests are closed; Unless you see a LFRP ad from me, I am not accepting new RPs. I am currently focused on my group, The Order of the Black Rose.
  • Please check my RPR Art page for style/template and art requests/commissions status jsKM2ft.png
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Hello, I am Mipps and you may call me Mipps.

My roleplay life is separate from my real world and I very much prefer to keep it that way. If we become good friends, of course you will learn more about me. All I will share right now is that I am a very strange, eccentric, sarcastic and morbid person whom is happily married <3. I paint digital art, links are above. Please take a look, share, follow, favorite – the support means the world to me.

I am very PM & friend-request friendly. I am willing to talk about all kinds of other things related to RP, art and writing. But please be mature and respectful as this is a place where I unwind and escape.

*It is wise to hear both sides of a story before choosing which one you are going to be on. In most cases you don't have to choose at all.

I do not tolerate OOC drama. Just because we chat a lot OOC does not make you my bestest friend. That's reserved for my husband. I have no issue cutting ties and blocking if anyone in an becomes: insulting, harassing, condescending, rude, pushy, possessive, clingy, manipulative, mentally abusive, threatening or resorts to defamation of character towards me or my characters OOC.
Honestly, I am a really nice person. I am usually pretty understanding. I give a lot of chances and wiggle room because people make mistakes. But I have had too many dark and negative life experiences to consistently take any more of ^that in a community where I only seek roleplay partners.

Friend requests are for 18+ only (A filter since I only RP with adults)
But anyone can message me.


:star: My Writers Playstyle :star:
Click Me to read about my writer's style and stuff

I am a go-go-go dark adventure type role-player. My style/preference is better suited for devious/dramatic activity, quests, missions, survivals, and investigations where there is generally a goal all characters are headed towards and events are frequently happening. Such events can range from sweet and romantic to your darkest horrors depending on which character you’re interacting with.
Slice of life and basic romances are not my cup of tea
I consider slice-of-life and basic-romance to be two normal human characters doing normal day to day activities like doing laundry, cooking, snuggling all day, going to the movies etc.. I live this sort of life every day, and my life is pretty good, so I don't really have any interest in this type of roleplay. I prefer my RP to have elements of other-worldly things such that it provides an escape from reality.

  • I only roleplay with 18+. It is nothing against you, I just have a lot of language/violent/sexual themes to my RP that is not suitable for minors. For legal reasons.
  • My writer style is about 2-4 large paragraphs of substance, 3rd person, past tense, with environmental and action detail and a decent effort in spelling and grammar. I try my best to keep things realistic (applying proper biology, physics, and chemistry) even to my fantasy RP such that its believable and immersive. All my ‘magic’ is based on give and take; what goes in must come out. I flux in writing length based on content and partner’s responses; when I GM/world-build, I can expand a LOT more.
    *I do not alter my writing style based on partner preferences.
  • Generally, I look for partners who are similar in writers style; more specifically in length, substance and realism. More specifically I seek out those who have a vivid imagination such that they can world build, plot drive and keep up as I do not enjoy doing the bulk of the work. A love for go-go-style and enjoy darker horror elements as well <3
  • I keep my IC and OOC separate; I am not my characters. On this same breath, my characters are MY property… obsessive, jealous, and possessive behavior towards them will result in me ending our RP and relations. I am approachable for OOC chat, but I also draw firm boundaries such that my characters are able to act within the realm of their design.
    *I will chat OOC about RPs to a limit. I do not wish to spoil RP and I am not going to disclose plans or sneaky behaviors as I find other people have a difficulty not taking OOC to IC. So, I simply don’t feed you anything such that you can.
  • I occasionally roll dice to add some spice. Not for everything… but for combat, forks in the road and impulsive characters. Don't worry, I do not expect you to roll dice.
  • I adjust to partner’s comfort level when it comes to intimate interactions. Write it out or fade to black, I don't mind either way. At the end of the day I am more story driven and I am not often interested in RP that is solely erotic.
  • I am LGBT friendly, but I myself am not LGBT. You are welcome to chat with me about romantic possibilities in RP; some of my characters are open to such intimate pairings - However, I will not modify sexual preference on any of them to accommodate, just as I would never ask you to adjust your own sexuality to accommodate in real life; as these character preferences can drive a core of personality.
  • My villains and monsters are true to what they are. If you are not comfortable with the bad things villains and monsters do (such as sexual themes/violence/gore/psychological trauma) then it is best, you don’t engage with them as most people find I am a much darker RP'er then the average. That being said, some things can be dialed down description wise if you’re not comfortable with it - please be upfront about it as some things are harder to dial back then others depending on the character you're interacting with.
  • I write in short-term scenario mindset these days. I want a definitive end to our RP as a goal. That way I can cycle my characters and have some down time and explore other story potentials without overwhelming my inbox. That doesn't mean RP can’t be long term; once a goal is reached, we can set a new short-term goal to continue on. When we hit those goals, I will do check-ins to see if one of us needs a break or not. Lets just be frank, I do not like the long term Rp fizzle... knowing what we are working towards keeps up motivation and inspiration for me.
  • I hope that my partners don’t ghost me and practice good communication. I am very nice and approachable. I will do my best to balance staying true to my characters and making sure you are having fun on yours. At the end of the day if we aren’t a match, just say so we can close and move on. If ghosting happens? Eh no biggie really. After 2 weeks RPs go into my “gone dark” folder and eventually get cycled into ‘closed’ if I don’t hear from them. I am not going to hunt you down. You do you boo.
  • Respect and communication. It is not your right to interact with a RP partner, it is a privilege. If you do not respect your partner, their boundaries, their preferences, or them as a person then there is no RP and there is no reason to further interact. If you cannot communicate these boundaries with firm conviction, then your partner has nothing to respect but you as a person. I have firm boundaries set and protocol to deal with people who disrespect me, as should you. So long as you have communicated those boundaries, I will respect them even if it means we are not a match for RP and must part ways.
  • Real life comes first. Always.

Some Extra quick notes:
  • I do not enjoy playing with OP characters, Gods or otherwise indestructible, imbalanced or highly customizable characters. If you throw one at me for a RP Idea, it will be met with great hesitance.
  • I do not dislike Anthro/furres/part animal or feral characters; but I am not very interested in playing with such characters as I have had an excess of them over my 20 years of RP.
  • While romance is nice, I value all kinds of relationships for my characters including platonic friendships, colleagues, enemies and even family. So, don't be afraid to hit me up for pairings that might not workout romance wise.

Me roleplaying like:

Rave Reviews

Mipps is a talented writer and their characters are astounding. I don't have any roleplays with them presently but I love seeing them interact with others in the group. I can tell that Mipps puts a lot of work into their characters and posts. I hope we can interact more in the future or that I can at least read more of what they write. Mipps is also a talented artist. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Krispythekritter
There are so many incredible writers on this site, but none quite like Mipps! It's not easy to portray a character not only outside your gender but also entirely outside the realm of normal human behavior. Mipps has the special quality of portraying a villain with incredible and immersive detail. We've only recently begun our storyline but it's clear that her writing is carried out with expert precision. If you're looking for a tale you won't forget, this is your writer! - Selkieborn

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