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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: February 13

Me roleplaying like:

Welcome to my little OOC Corner. Below are some things you can read about me. They are collapsed so click them to reveal my secrets~

I am always open to making new friends ages 18+
Friend request and PM friendly.

On discord? My handle is Mipps#9772

Thank you everyone who was so patient with me while I have been wrapping up college! The worst of it is over and I graduate Aug 25th.

Schedule notice:

Aug 27th-31st My mother will be in town visiting. Current RPs, Please do not expect any posts in this time range. -Everyone- will get their replies September 1st

Sept 1st - Will be accepting new role-play campaigns. Also art commissions will be opened indefinitely... New addition: I will be re-hauling some of my character profiles and potentially creating some community groups based on interest (please read my interest check on the forums )

Art commission wait-list is OPEN - Click here for information
Cant afford to pay? I will be doing monthly charity raffles starting September 2019
RP Activity Status

Closed to new campaigns at this time. if your interested in role playing with me, feel free to PM.. I can put you in my wait list folder for when things loosen up for me.

Current Character Activity:
  • Kaiden Decryst ~ Active in 3 RP Campaigns
  • Anora Reed ~ Active in 1 RP Campaigns
  • Captain John Cross ~ Active in 1 RP Campaigns
  • Selena Jones ~ Active in 1 RP Campaigns
  • Victor Lucien Ayres ~ Active in 2 RP Campaigns
  • Kit ~ Active in 1 RP Campaigns
  • Reverence Edoan ~ Active in 0 RP Campaigns
  • Felanna Decryst ~ Active in 0 RP Campaigns
  • Rimel Doal ~ Active in 0 RP Campaigns
  • Maw’teä ~Active but Exclusive for RP in the Tam'nýer-a' group.
Last updated: 07/31/19 with a total of 9 active RPs

About the REAL Me

I am 32 year old normal female human worm baby named Alycia (Aly for short). I live on the North-West coast of the United States with my man who is active Navy. I am currently a stay at home spouse and late bloomer college student. (I should be graduated Aug 25 2019) I study Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism as an honor student. On the side I have 3 fur babies; 2 kitties and a big German Shepard. I dabble in Art for a hobby and I like fitness things when im not being uber lazy. Because of my love for the arts, I too love roleplaying, I find it to be thrilling and stress relieving.. I have been doing it most of my life.
I have a very dry, morbid, sarcastic personality and sense of humor. Sometimes I can be a little rough around the edges but I promise I only mean good things (I was just kinda a goth kid and never grew out of it). I am really laid back and easy going; drama lama free. I have been told I can be a bit.. goofy. I prefer the word eccentric. Fair warning.
Otherwise I am a very kind person. I try to communicate best to my abilities; I do not ghost people. The caveat to that is I am not afraid to express how I feel about things.

Roleplay Background

I have a really long Roleplay background, I have been doing it for nearly 20 years. After a while its hard to keep track xD

Originally, I started out doing web design and tripped across a fellow lady who was as huge into Digimon as I was at the time. Through email we did Digimon Fanfiction roleplays and later we did a few romance campaigns. I had a few friends who roleplayed with me through AOL instant messenger (back when it existed) and I always – always played a male character. I mostly played male characters because all my partners were women and wanted to play female characters; I honestly didn’t mind and enjoyed being the male counterpart.

Much later I did little short things through games and forums until I tripped across a game client called Furcadia. It was there that I became the reolpalyer I am today. From 2003 to 2019 I roleplayed on an off on Furcadia through various characters and campaigns. Despite being on Furcadia I didn’t really play many Furry characters, but I did overtime create a family by playing offspring of offspring that built a lot of depth to my characters. More recently I expanded in Discord roleplays.

Through those years my brother was a GM for D&D and sometimes I would roll the dice with him but it wasn’t very common – I wouldn’t say I have a strong background in tabletop.

Overall, I tend to be inspired by more realistic writing on par with Michael Crichton. I have been praised for my keen eye for detail and slipping in Easter eggs to my roleplays. I am usually known for world building, plot creation and a verity of very in depth character interactions. I can keep track of a lot of details and write plots that supply intricate twists and reveals over longer periods of time (which is better experienced if I play the villain to a hero). I tend to steer away from comedy/goofy roleplay – but I am not all serious, the humor is often shared through failures and sarcastic comments in RP.
I am also known for dynamic world building. I am good at setting environments and believable conditions for characters to interact in.

If you play scfi-fi with me, I tend to use NASA information to name ships, planets, stations, ect. Feel free to google them. They wont be exact matches, or may not even be relevant at all, but I like adding those Easter eggs because I am a hard core science nerd.
Speaking of nerd, I often reference other pop culture things, I think they add a level of satire that can be fun or funny – but I never lay it on too thick unless someone wants that super lighthearted kind of campaign.

Dos and Do Nots

This may not be a complete list. Please PM me if you dont see something listed or have questions :)
What I do:
  • World building / GM
  • All RP Genres -1
  • All timelines & Alternate universe
  • All levels of Magic use
  • Violence/gore/horror/war/taboos
  • Adult Themed Romances
  • I play Male, female and android characters
  • I play characters 18+ only
  • I play good guys, villains & neutral parties
  • Non-consent RP; actions = consequences
  • Character death in campaigns (but they are limited to just that campaign
  • LGBT Friendly – not my usual. Please PM.
  • 1x1 & groups
What I don’t do:
  • No heavy smut-based RP
  • Slice of life genre RP
  • I don’t play underaged characters
  • I dont play Furres/anthros
  • I dont play Ferals/animals
  • Fanfiction based RP
  • Deity/gods/OP or otherwise indestructible character RP
  • I no longer RP with people under 18 years of age.
  • Please note I am not an erotic writer. My roleplay campaigns are story focused, romance/smut secondary. When and if smut occurs I prefer Fade-to-black (FTW) and is my default. If smut is included it will be written in a vague and elegant manner with as little vulgar writing as possible.
  • LGBT writing is not something I normally do. However, I have recently lifted my restrictions on this in hopes of broadening my writing capabilities. Please note I am heterosexual 100% - so my writing in this manner stems from absorbed knowledge and imagination, not any form of experience. so if it lacks depth or realism.. I am very sorry ;.; Feel free to make comments to help me improve!

Roleplay Post lengths & Expectations

What I expect from you:
  • 1 Paragraph minimum (which is technically 4-6 sentences); however, I prefer 2-3 paragraphs. If I don’t have much to work with its not as enjoyable for me.
  • Flux writing – I don’t expect you to adhere to strict number of words or paragraphs per post. If your post is shorter than usual don’t fret. If its longer then usual- awesome!
  • Take time on your posts, don’t rush it. I expect mature writing and effort put into spelling and grammar, but I am not critical of mistakes, typos or autocorrects.
  • I have no time frame for posts. They arrive in my inbox when they arrive. If you take longer then 2 weeks without providing me notice of absence, the RP moves to my “gone dark” folder. I will not bother you for a reply, I will not delete the thread, and I will not block you. Take what time you need.
  • Please don’t bug me for replies. I do not ghost people. I promise I will work on your reply when I can.

What I do:
  • I am a multi paragraph ( 1-8 ), detailed writer. I average at about 2-4 paragraphs per post.
  • I am a flux writer. Meaning one post might be as long as 8 paragraphs, the next will be 4, the one after will be 6 and the one after that could be 1-2. My writing length is based on content, reactions, movements and conversation that need to be addressed
  • I do my best to keep grammar and spelling on point. That being said I make mistakes. Sometimes I make mistakes that change the entire meaning of a post. I am happy to correct these mistakes when they are pointed out or clarify my meaning.
  • If you prefer shorter posts, my posts will compress more without losing needed content to the best of my ability. But I just don’t do short posts like that. Certainly not frequently.
  • I do not adhere to other people’s writing standards for something that 1) im not being paid for and 2) im not being graded on. If what I provide in both lengths and style is not to your standards, then we may not be compatible RP partners. And that’s fine; there is someone for everyone.
  • I try my best to NOT ghost people when I feel an RP is not enjoyable. I communicate a short apology message to end the RP. If you wish to inquire why, I will be honest and tell you as tactfully as possible.
The below are collapsed examples of my writing. I will add more over time.

John Cross writing example

OOC note: This is an example of the kinds of posts I write/my style. This post is not related to any past or current RP campaigns I have done - but uses my OC Captain John Cross as an example intro, waking up on his startship.
John woke abruptly drenched in sweat, his hands raised to rub his face as he swung his legs over the bed’s edge and breathed heavily. He moaned in discomfort, looking to his hands as they quivered in front of him. He leaned forward, his hand groggily searched the top of his dresser for his smokes and lighter. He brought a stick to his dry lips, groaning as he lit it. He took a deep deep inhale, shutting his eyes and slowly letting the smoke roll from his lungs meditatively. Before he even opened his eyes his lips parked and cracked voice filled the room to talk to the ship “Eros, record new log entry.” The ship chirped to life in response “Affirmative, recording now.” John let out a sigh as he slowly stood from his bed and began to pace his room “Captains log, May 11th 3022. Its 4 am and I am awake again. Dr Wylow has been suggesting tropical thunderstorm sounds to help me sleep, but I swear to the ‘Song of the Universe’ it made my nightmares worse.”

He rubbed his hand against the hair of his shirtless sweaty chest, catching in the corner of his eye.. his evening company - a bottle of whiskey. He leaned against his dresser uncorking the bottle as his smoke dangled from his lips and smoke rolled from his nose as he continued “It’s the same dream.. every night. I don’t even know who it is I keep see’in. The screaming just.. fills my head and makes my chest hurt.. like its someone I knew.. or loves calling for help. But then I wake up..” Hazel eyes lurked out the window of his starship pulling the bottled of whiskey to his lips as he plucked the smoke away. He hissed to the claws of liquor sliding down his throat.. licking his lips as he stared out into the cold darkness of space “But every day awake is the same.. I am out here.. just making ends meet with my crew. Some contracts go good.. some bad.. but never as bad as that dream. I wonder if I am losing it? Is the loneliness of space finally getting to me? Maybe I need a vacation at a stale little bar on a station or planet. Get some good ol' sunshine” He drew in another long inhale and chased it with another swig of whiskey coughing lightly.. he cleared his throat wrapping up his log “Or.. maybe I just need to retire. I am getting old after all.” He chuckled softly as he leaned against the window frame. “Captain John Cross, signing out.” The ship chirped with a beep in acknowledgement followed with “Log successfully recorded.” John drew in a long breathe, examining the cigarette in his hand, a solemn look in his eyes. At least his hands had stopped shaking. Slowly he brought it back to his lips and sucked in the poison; staring out at the stars as if they had the answers.. the smoke slowly rolled from between his lips fogging against the glass as he murmured to himself “Who is she?”

Kaiden Post example

OOC note: This, I believe is the third post or so into a role-play started with one of my partners where our characters met at a masquerade ball. King Aderia and Catherine are characters whom belong to her. The rest our mine, Kaiden and his NPC entourage Augustus and Nicoli.

Before Kaiden had moved away he gave a simple cool reply “It is not my ideal place either.” He didn’t know who she was. She was just a woman to the side who didn’t smile like the others were. Masked women all around him practically glowed soaking up the environment as if it were more for them then any of the men. It was peculiar to him that Catherine was not among them, but it was not his business to pry, nor his mission.

Kaiden watched sternly as one of his entourage wiggled into conversation with the King of Aderia. It was one of his advisers, Augustus, who often handled dealings with other nations on Kai’s behalf. Augustus was a smooth talker, wise beyond his years and knew how to work his way through political affairs. This one was no different as he joined a circled conversation about the new ways wine was being fermented and delicacies of meat marinated in such wine out of the Isles of Nothe. It was evident no one in the circle knew who Augustus was just as guests couldn’t pin down who Kaiden was. Augustus turned his attention to one of the allies who queried him on the matter with ‘Apologies, but who are you?’ – Augustus all but chuckled “I dare say, the point of this event is to remain anonymous. And Anonymous I shall remain. However, I am a representative of someone with keen interest in sharing a private conversation.” He teased “Your liege...” he turned to the King of Aderia “You are a difficult man to make contact with. If you’d be so kind to humor such a conversation… It will not be one you will regret.” He baited.

Kaiden side glanced watching Catherine step away from the table. His emerald eyes lurked back to the king across the room as he took another long sip of his wine. His other counterpart stepped behind Catherine and leaned to speak to Kai’s ear “Your Majesty, it has come to my attention your invitation was marked.” Kai frowned beneath the mask – the sly nobles. Year after year of not attending any events, it was not terribly surprising they’d mark an invitation to know when he did. Even if they hadnt it was a mere matter of deduction before people would begin to question, which is why he did not wish to linger long in the first place. “The hosts are aware you are here… and are looking for you.” Kai nodded. His eyes pried away from the king and scanned across the room. He was going to have to blend in to buy himself more time.

“Nicoli..” he held out his glass of wine for the man to take. And then turned to Catherine, closing the small distance. “Belle étoile, would you humor me with a dance?” he held out his gloved hand for the girl to take. “I insist, perhaps we will both enjoy ourselves a little more. Unless you are waiting for someone else?” his voice was no different then it had been before, smooth, calm.. with an odd apathetic tinge. Nicoli gestured a hand “I can hold your drink as well M’lady.”


Rave Reviews

  • I literally cannot describe how outstanding Mipps writing is. I’m not even sure how to put it into words, but I will try. She replies almost more than every day, her replies are very detailed and always moving the story forward. Her characters are so alive and...
    -- DarkandLight
  •'s this AMAZING person to talk to over here, just sitting relatively quietly doing her thing, and I just found out. I'm glad I did. Mipps is nothing short of awesome to talk to OOC. Deep, interesting, intelligent, articulate, down-to-earth, pulls no...
    -- Abigail_Austin

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  • DarkandLight gave Mipps kudos!
    "I literally cannot describe how outstanding Mipps writing is. I’m not even sure how to put it into words, but I will try. She replies almost more than every day, her replies are very detailed and always moving the story forward. Her characters are so alive and everything about her writing brings the story to life. I’m always excited to see a reply from her."
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