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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: February 13

I am currently taking a break from RPR due to burnout/writers’ block. I only 5 active Roleplays at this time I feel I can write to and I don’t think I am doing them justice they deserve. Please bear with me while I try to reignite the muse.
In the meantime you may see me float around the forums and what not; your welcome to PM me for OOC chat. I will just be a bit slow as I am not at my desk as much.
RP Requests are CLOSED
I have a waitlist if you want me to message you before I go on the public LFRP forums. There is no guarantee it will produce an RP campaign of course, and there is no timeline I may provide when one might be offered. It is simply a first notice list.

My roster is now set as anonymous only for a little extra privacy and maintenance. If you are interested in RP please suggest a character and a plot(s) ideas and I will suggest a few of my characters if there is interest. Otherwise I have a masterlist, I just don’t want people going through my roster like a catalogue anymore. There are characters I no longer wish to RP because they are retired, or I am burnt out on them for now; I am only going to pitch characters I am interested in roleplaying with.
Me roleplaying like:

I am very PM & friend-request friendly. I am willing to talk about all kinds of other things related to RP, Art and writing. But please be mature and respectful. This is a place where I unwind and escape.

P.S. I am a very strange, eccentric, sarcastic and morbid person.

grico-3907-1565982926.pngI operate a Roleplay group called Silver Riversthat is currently under construction for realism Sci-fi RP.

Please Please click the titles below and read all before sending me an RP request. I have a master list that in the future will be replacing this.

Dos and Do Nots

This may not be a complete list. Please PM me if you dont see something listed or have questions :)

While I do a lil bit of everything, I lean towards dark/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural based RPs with violence/action/language/adult themes/gore/psychological stressors. Day to day slice of life is not my thing. But, if you want to be on the edge of your seat for plot/action/terror/unpredictable campaigns I am your girl. I am a GM, so I can do world and NPC building on the fly with depth. Romance is something I like incorporated into bigger plots rather then solely focused on.
What I do:
  • World building / GM
  • Most RP Genres; Fantasy/modern/sci-fi/horror/adventure/romance
  • All timelines & Alternate universe
  • All levels of Magic use
  • Violence/gore/horror/war/taboos
  • Adult Themed Romances
  • I play Male, female and android characters
  • I play characters 18+ only
  • I play good guys, villains & neutral parties
  • My end is ALWAYS Non-consent RP; actions = consequences (including death)
  • Results of campaigns are limited to just that campaign. I do not carry over details unless I feel it builds my character in some way I wish to keep.
  • LGBT Friendly – LGBT romances are not my usual. Please PM.
  • 1x1 & groups
What I don’t do:
  • No heavy smut-based RP
  • Slice of life genre RP
  • I do not play underaged characters
  • I do not play Furres/anthros
  • I do not play Ferals/animals
  • Fanfiction based RP
  • Deity/gods/OP or otherwise indestructible character RP
  • I no longer RP with people under 18 years of age.
  • Please note I am not an erotic writer. My roleplay campaigns are story focused, romance/smut secondary. When and if smut occurs I prefer Fade-to-black (FTB) and is my default. If smut is included it will be written in a vague and elegant manner with as little vulgar writing as possible.
  • LGBT writing is not something I normally do. However, I have recently lifted my restrictions on this in hopes of broadening my writing capabilities. Please note I am heterosexual 100% - so my writing in this manner stems from absorbed knowledge and imagination, not any form of experience. so if it lacks depth or realism.. I am very sorry ;.; Feel free to make comments to help me improve!

Roleplay Post lengths & Expectations

What I expect from you:
  • 2 Paragraph minimum (which is roughly 200-400 words); If I don’t have much to work with its not as enjoyable for me. Do you post like 2 pages?! LOVE IT. Do you bounce between 2 paragraphs and 2 pages? Me too! But I am sorry I do not enjoy roleplaying with less, it does not inspire me nor is it fun. and we are all here to have fun right? Right.
  • I prefer 3rd person writing because it matches my style - but honestly.. I dont care if you write in 1st person or script style. Its weird and different to me but its not a deal breaker and I still can read what is dialogue and action just fine.
  • Take time on your posts, don’t rush it. I expect mature writing and effort put into spelling and grammar, but I am not critical of mistakes, typos or autocorrects. But trust me... I know when its a sloppy ten-minute written post.
  • I generally have no time frame for expected replies. They arrive in my inbox when they arrive. Life comes first. If your replies fall in the range of hourly to 2 weeks; you don’t have to apologize for being slow or delayed.
  • Please don’t bug me for replies. I have an adult life that comes first; I step away from my computer and I don’t post on my phone. I promise I will work on your reply when I can. Usually depending on my RP load it can take anywhere between a few hours to a handful of days for me to reply. Otherwise I tend to give notice if I am on vacation or something.
What I do:
  • I am a multi paragraph ( 2-8 ), detailed, writer. I average at about 2-4 paragraphs per post. I do NOT write less.
  • I am a flux writer. Meaning one post might be as long as 8 paragraphs, the next will be 4, the one after will be 6 and the one after that could be 2-3. My writing length is based on content, reactions, movements and conversation that need to be addressed
  • I write in 3rd person.
  • My writing is based in realism. My RP is rooted in science and physics even in fantasy settings. For ‘fantasy magic’ settings I operate on the standards of what goes in must come out and visa versa. I do not do ‘magical’ things for the sake of using magic. Like drawing a sword it will always have purpose.
  • If you engage in a villain character on my list, please understand they will contain sexual themes/gore/violent and all levels of psychological manipulation. In order to play these characters properly I will not reveal “plans” or “thoughts” OOC or IC as to not spoil the twists of plots. So if you trust them.. well at your discretion 😉
  • I occasionally roll dice to make decisions or in combat. I do know my characters well enough to freeform without rolls, but for situations that realistically would be based on chance or impulsion, I like dice to create verity in responses I might not have otherwise chosen.
  • I do my best to keep grammar and spelling on point. That being said I make mistakes. Sometimes I make mistakes that change the entire meaning of a post. I am happy to correct these mistakes when they are pointed out or clarify my meaning.
  • I do not adhere to other people’s writing standards for something that 1) im not being paid for and 2) im not being graded on. If what I provide in both length and style is not to your standards, then we may not be compatible RP partners. And that’s fine; there is someone for everyone.
  • I try my best to NOT ghost people. When I dismiss an RP I tend to give notice. Either the RP wasn’t enjoyable for me, our styles didn’t mesh or sometimes I just bite off more then I can chew and I will shut down RPs that are less enjoyable then others. It isn’t an insult on you as a person. Sometimes its not you at all, sometimes I am just losing a feel of my own character who needs to go back to the drawing board.


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