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She/They ○ CET/CEST ○ Neurodiverse ○ Queer ○ INFJ

About me

My name is Mira and i spend a lot of my time online to be honest haha
I'm a disabled young adult who loves to chat with people! but due to my disabilities i don't always have a lot of energy to do so. And honestly sometimes i just cannot figure out how to do small talk or keep up a regular conversation even if i want to, so if that happens, it's nothing personal! - and definitely do feel free to get the convo going again if you want to!


In case you're curious d:
I am autistic with adhd and a whole mix of anxieties that prevent me from living a so called "normal" life. I am unable to do school or have a job, and will never be able to full time, but i'm hoping one day that i can maybe do a few hours a week somewhere like a vet clinic or animal shelter <3

I absolutely love animals! they're my one big special interest! i love learning about them, especially behaviour and their care.

I also really enjoy games and watching shows and movies!
Games i like

Star Stable
Stardew Valley
Sims 4
and more!

Shows i like

Miraculous Ladybug
Steven Universe
The Witcher
Demon Slayer
and more!

Other than that i've been kinda trying to learn some crocheting! and i have an interest in learning programming, but haven't gotten far with those lmao
Also used to draw and read a lot, and i hope to one day get more back to those!

Rp Info

My prefered genres are: Fantasy, Romance and Slice of life, anything similar or a combo!
I love romance and wholesome cute stuff, aswell and darker and interesting plots and twists. Even better if it can have a mix of all of it!

Writing wise i would like there to be at least a paragraph of a few sentences, but preferably more!
I write in third person and past tense generally.
Might have a bit of a soft spot for male characters that are basically big tough softies <3 (an example of one would be Geralt of Rivia haha)


Horror is a big no no for me, and i also have arachnophobia, so those are also a big no no for me!

Very short replies i just can't get into it.
First person or refering to my character as "you" makes me uncomfortable.

Even if i do romance i will not be doing full on smut scenes, i don't really have an interest in it and also due to respect for my irl partner. I don't mind it happening and maybe writing a little bit of the beginning, but would prefer to just fade to black and skip to after!

Comfort & Conflict

Please do just let me know if i or any of my character does or says something that makes you uncomfortable, i am very willing to listen and change things if possible!
It is never my intention to cause any issues or discomfort

I also wanna note that my characters are not me nor a reflection of me nor my thoughts and believes!

I am very open to talking about things, but i do also struggle with sometimes fully understanding what people mean aswell as being able to say things in a way that doesn't get misunderstood. So please if that does happen, and i say something that seems really mean or anything, just do ask me about it, i'm happy to clarify what i mean or how i mean it! - Which is basically never in a bad way at all!

Mirabell's Characters

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Rave Reviews


Anyways, I'm sorry Mirabell. This is over due. Mirabell is literally such an awesome person to rp with. They're very hard on themself, though. They say they ain't got the skill, but trust me. They got the skill. XD - booksarebae
I've been roleplaying with Mirabell for quite a while now, and I've been enjoying our roleplay immensely. Sometimes I'd disappear for a few days, a week, but what always put a smile on my face was the way she was always there when I eventually came back. She's a quick response, kind, forgiving, and thoughtful. I'm glad I got the chance to have her as a friend. Good job, Mirabell. Just you keep typing. ;) - Einnasti

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