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The name's Mira. :P I love roleplaying as well as reading, drawing, riding horses, and doing stuff outside. If you're interested in rping with me, feel free to just shoot me a message!

I've been roleplaying for a few years now, though it's been sort of on-and-off (and right now it has been more on the off side) so it's a bit difficult for me to gauge my own skills. If I'm really into a roleplay, I tend to write better, and vice versa. I mainly enjoy fantasy, and while I prefer medieval settings, I'm sure I could get into a modern or futuristic setting if the plot is intriguing enough. I'm also usually up for romance, as long as it's natural and goes along with the flow of the rest of the rp.

There's not too much more about myself that's too interesting, but if you happen to have some specific questions about myself, again just shoot me a message. I'm equally as excited to make new friends on here just as I am looking forward to roleplaying! <3

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This gal is absolutely amazing she has been really kind and understanding so far and she hasn't just refused to rp with me because the main base of my characters are Anthro's which i'm thankful for. She also responds pretty fast which is absolutely brilliant and i hope i get to continue roleplaying with her for a long time and have many more adventurous roleplays in future ;) Kind and understanding Fast responses - Ashen
We've been posting back and forth for several days now. Mirafena is a wonderful and imaginative writer. Her posts are always articulate and well done. She is my first RP partner here and I am enjoying it greatly. My only criticism is that she doesn't think her writing is as good as I do! - BlackMagicWeaver

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