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I've been doing online message board/forum based roleplays off and on for about 20 years now. I don't usually worry too much about the length of my posts, so long as they get across everything I want them to. I LOVE collaborative roleplays where everyone gets involved to write the story.

I work a desk job in the Eastern time zone in the morning/early afternoon with a lot of down time so that tends to be when I'm most active.

I usually like to stick to medieval-like fantasy settings, but if I find something really interesting I may give it a go.

I don't roleplay gore, smut, taboos, furries.

Rave Reviews

Mirafin has a creative mind, she's also communicative OOC and delivers concise posts that get to the point while avoiding pointless fluff. She's also a joy to work with and RP with. She has a great cast of characters on top of everything else. I have been thoroughly enjoying my RP with Mirafin. Give her a chance, you're in for some fun if you do. ^_^ Creative ideas Long-term partner - Ultra-Knight
Mirafin is fantastic to write with!! She helps move the story along and throws in surprises too. Her writing style is great and she makes sure to include everyone in her posts in group rp's. One of the people who's posts I greatly look forward to reading! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - DoogieMeowser

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