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Misery_Loves_My_Comp either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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Not only has this person become my best friend for over a year, they are a great writer! They are often understanding in terms of ideas and are able to work with almost anything you give them. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - sorrowburn

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  • Misery_Loves_My_Comp gave sorrowburn kudos:
    I cannot begin to describe just how amazing sorrowburn really is. You want detailed and very interesting characters? They got you covered! Need excellent writing and an even better person to simply chat with? No need to look any further! Sorrowburn has always been an absolute delight to roleplay with and I strongly encourage for you to check them out at well! Thank you so much for the past 5 years and hopefully many years to come! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 5 days 9 hours ago)
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