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“There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.”



Hello and welcome.

Here is what I like:

1. I enjoy 3rd person narrative, with 5 sentence paragraphs. Sometimes a character doesn't have much to say or do, so the amount of paragraphs can vary and I will accept that. I prefer to write in English and don't mind too much if it's not a native language, as long as I am able to decipher what is happening. I like writing 1v1's and within groups. I write impartially and will use dice to guide the decisions left for me to make.

2. I will play female, male, and hermaphrodites. Male characters are more difficult for me to portray, as it is a very different mindset. I will play various sexual identities without necessarily stating them in a character's profile. I prefer to play villainous or anti-hero characters, but will play a hero, if I must. I will play monsters (not monster-girls/guys), anthropomorphic characters, and NPCs. Character death is acceptable, everyone dies.

3. I will write medieval, modern, and sci-fi stories. Medieval is my strongest era and sci-fi is my weakest. I crave action in a story, above everything else. I will write smut, with a preference towards male and hermaphrodite characters, in MxM, HxM, HxH pairings. I will write FxF on very special occasions, but prefer a more romantic story.

4. I love tabletop games! DnD, Pathfinder, Pokemon United, Warhammer Fantasy, and varying games in between.

Here is what I like less:

1. Tentacle monsters, monster girls, bathroom material, vore, snuff, extreme BDSM. I like to write cooperatively and like it less when I have to carry the story alone. Ghosting is rude. I am very willing to rewrite my posts or decide a different story path, or mutually conclude a story's end.

Rave Reviews

Miss replied to my forum post for free arts and was so nice about the art I gave her - it made me feel all warm and fuzzy - TheLily
Its been quite some time since i've rped with Miss, but i know how darn good she is. She us great at responding to any situation her characters are in, and at including anyone and everyone in an rp. I hope everyone can find her just as fun as i do. - linktheriolu

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