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Crafted for quality, sealed for freshness, you'll never find a better RPer than this. Made from 100% natural, unadulterated stuff, you'll have a blast with the RP sensation that's sweeping the nation. Go ahead, have a try, give it a whirl, don't be shy. PM inbox is standing by, so don't delay, play with Mist TODAY!

In all seriousness, there's not much to say here. I'm a student of people, I love learning about others and why they act the way they do. I studied nursing but am not currently employed in it, working instead as a captain for the banquet team of a Hilton hotel. My knowledge base is broad but shallow, so while I can keep a conversation going about almost anything, my limitations will be clear when faced with a specialist. People seem to generally enjoy my company, be it in person or through the internet, and I hope whoever reads this will too.

In the past, I've been rather scarce with my presence on the website, as certain disappointments when writing in other forum websites had put me off of RPing for some time. Lately, it seems my muse has returned, so I should be a more common sight around here again. If we should start an RP and it seems I've dropped off somehow, please don't hesitate to send me a message, communication is key in this medium to keep the stories alive.

I've probably gone on a bit too long, and for that I apologize. I tend to get carried away when writing most things, as I'm doing right now. Have a great day reader, and merry roleplaying.

Rave Reviews

Mist is a great guy. Under a bizarre (in the best way) sense of humor and a very friendly demeanor hides an amazingly intelligent and creative guy whose characters are interesting and absolutely entertaining - and, when the situation calls for, hilarious. Rock on, my good man. Rock on. - SeraphicStar
Mist was the person who first introduced me to RPR, and it's because of that that I've met some of the most wonderful people in one of the absolute best communities I've ever seen. But beyond that, he's just a great guy, always chill, and remarkable flexible to whatever sort of group he happens to be in. Sometimes, it's downright amazing the sorts of things he'll put up with just to reach the greatest level of satisfaction for all involved. - Zelphyr

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