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Been sitting here staring at the damn screen for too long figuring out how to start writing this so hell, I'll start it like this.

In case no one really caught on somehow my real name isn't "Mittirangi" Its actually Matt but call me what ever I don't care.

I live in New Zealand (thought this would be handy to sort out timezone differences too)

If I stop replying to rp's chances are I'm simply not in the mood for rping so just keep that in mind, the last thing I want to do is ghost someone, otherwise work can sometimes take me places where I don't have any phone reception so.

As for my preferred rp's, with themes I am all over the place but recently I've really been craving being a bad guy, not some stalker that wants to kidnap a girl and make her his wife or anything but a genuine evil person trying to end another's life. Other than that I always prefer a kind of slow build up instead of the rp equivalent to a Sims relationship (met, first kiss, married and expecting a baby all in one day)

I usually draw my own character portraits and such however lately I have slacked off viciously due to a mix of can't be bothered and being busy.

Rave Reviews

Easygoing is one of the best words I could think of to describe him as there is never any pressure or guilt when I can't respond too quickly. Super kind. He is also one of the very first people to ever rp with me on here; an rp we are still writing as matter of fact. It's fun to bounce ideas off each other. His characters have a satisfying balance to them and are quite entertaining to see what they will say or do next. - OpenToThings

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