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What kind of Dere I am: Dandere What a Dandere means

Hello, I'm an avid fan of music(not rap or hip-hop, death metal and screamo mind you), anime, light novels, manga, video games, and the lore behind games, universes of fiction and reading up about it on wikis.

I have high functioning autism and ADHD and I'll admit I'm not um that great at forming relationships but I try, I play piano in my spare time although I'll admit I can only play Treble(the right hand) mostly.

Rave Reviews

It's kinda impossible not to fall in love with her personality even even she can be a bit stubborn. Even if I seem to get on her nerves sometimes when I can't do something more than talk to / RP with her since I'm always doing a million things at once with a crappy computer I hope she enjoys my company at least.

I'm gonna gush if I keep going, so I'll just say that she's totally amazing. <3 - Morning_Star
Even though we haven't talked much you have made me feel so welcome here and I can tell you're such a sweet and caring person! I can't wait to have more conversations with you and I hope we become the best of friends <3 - _--PENELOPE--_

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